Omg it’s finally happening.

I’m going to try Yoga.

So before anyone freaks out, THERE IS A STORY BEHIND THIS,

(And if you didn’t know, I’m pretty anti-yoga…not because I think it’s a fad or because I think it’s bad for you, just because it’s very boring.)

So basically, today I went for flexibility class at a pole studio, it wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t what I needed, when the whole class can split, it’s like, why am I even here?

I pretty much only stretched my back, the rest of me is still pretty stiff.

Anyways, my schedule only allows for Wednesdays to be dedicated to stretch class (from which I plan to grow a routine to do at home), so….after much deliberation, the only choice seems to be Yoga.

And since there is one like RIGHT next to home, literally, at Harbourfront, well…why not right?

So starting from next week, I’m going to try Yoga!

Apparently this Hot Yoga thing you do in a hot room like a Sauna so it’s good for detoxing too…I’m not complaining.

And that’s me so far in my journey to get fit/stay fit.

So far, I got the work out part done pretty well, now just gotta sort out the eating part and find 3 days to detox.



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