Good morning rant

Ooh wow , I’m awake at 10! Yay!

Yea I’m kinda trying to go for the healthy lifestyle thingy as usual.

But that’s not the point.

Today is my read monocle day, and if you didn’t know, monocle is an awesome magazine.

So back to the point.

Everytime I read monocle, it makes me feel like I live in an amazing world…and I do. It’s good that a magazine inspired hope and excitement in its readers.

But a lot of the time it also inspires: why don’t we have this in Singapore?

Right so monocle talks a lot about cool endeavors in both developed and developing country. Like just now read I read about 3 wheeled electronic rickshaws called Tuk tuks being employed in Africa. Or last week I read about bmwi, which is bmw’s smaller electronic car.

Which got me thinking, why don’t we have that?

It’s not like we don’t have the money.

We are rich enough (as a nation) to reclaim land and build resorts, I think making clean transport available and affordable isn’t beyond us. For that matter green buildings as well.

I so far have yet to see any of our state of the art buildings or malls being LEED certified.


Is Singapore too caught up in the conventional ideal of an affluent country to consider living up to its modern and green image?

Lets face it, we are perfect for small electronic cars. Our country is small, there is no long distance drive bullshit and we are definitely well-wired to be able to provide charging points..but we don’t.

It’s the same concept with bicycle tracks, bicycle parking lots and buses that actually tells you which stop you’re at.

Is it because small cars aren’t marketable here? Well if the Coe for them are lower, I believe people will be more receptive to it. Consumer demand is always mouldable through marketing strategy.

But ultimately, what puts me down and motivates me to go make a cup of hot cocoa to ease my soul is that Singapore can’t be bothered to invest in things with no actual monetary profits and returns.

Overhauling them buses and trains, making green buildings, importing green transportation devices and systems don’t provide more monetary profits than our existing functioning (but could be better) system.

And so.. the inefficiency continues.

Good morning rant

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