Cool Japan! Trip Day 12

Okay, once again I’m half dead, it’s late, I should sleep but I’m not sleeping…

Let’s just skip how class was sorta boring though remotely interesting in certain parts and go straight to the:


Yup, I went LOVE sculpture hunting with my friend Maddie and we found it!

Took a few photos as you can see below with Tweddy in my place.

Then went to the Tokyo Tower.

I’ve been to Tokyo 5 times, not once have I gone to the Tokyo tower.

Going today reaffirmed that I didn’t need to go, but I guess it’s good to get it outta the way.


The reason I did is because I wanted the Pokemon Toy, I won’t lie.



Seriously Japan, for 490 Yen, you gave me the cutest emonga with a tail that can move.

You’re awesome.

It’s a slow day today, tomorrow is the LAST DAY and I feel like I’VE FINALLY MADE IT!


So yea I figured I’ll probably write my reflection now while I still have the mood for it since tomorrow I’ll be going to the KTV then sleeping early because I gotta wake up at bloody 6,30am to catch my flight.


So, though I came on this trip in the mood for a holiday (which I totally didn’t get), I guess the trip wasn’t a total waste.

I feel like I finally experienced how it felt to be studying abroad properly (seeing as the NYU thing turned out to be more a fiasco than anything else), to be alone in a foreign country and I’ve finally proven to myself that I can do it.

It’s really important for me to prove to myself that I am an independent person who is strong enough to make these journeys.

Well….probably it’s because it’s Japan.

I’m really used to this place, the familiarity and the homeliness of this place is second to none.

I’ve proven that I can totally live here and be happy here and fit in just fine here.

I can find my way around the station and just be part of this society.

I guess I also feel a little accomplished that I’ve been a good little Chocomon, sorting out my daily budget every day…makes you really feel like a one-person traveler/foreign student.

It’s really nice to just live off convenient store food like regular Japanese people instead of being a total tourist, which admittedly I’m not one most of the other times I’m here, but it’s the first time I actually ‘lived’ here more than ‘toured’ here.

I’m really happy to be going home though I’m torn.

I can definitely get used to living here and being here.

Though honestly, the main reason why I would NOT want to go home is work.

Really, that I can wait and put of eternally.

Work is just such a mess it feels to me.

I’m wondering if it’s because I give poor instructions or something.

As the trip hardly gave me any actual ‘rest’, I’m still running on low physical energy, though I guess I am less burnt out with the change in scenery.

I love my job but it seems like it’s a mess and out of my control and I HATE it when that happens.

But let’s not ruin with post with stuff about work.

I love Japan, from the country side to the city and I would love to make this place my second home.

I guess if I do ever come here for Masters or for work, I’d be a happy person.

Time to read up on Japan real estate I guess =P

Doesn’t hurt that they drive on the same side of the road as us.

Anyways, here are some photos (all take with my phone cause I left my DSLR in my room today)

Cool Japan! Trip Day 12

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