Cool Japan! Trip Day 10 AND 11

I am finally back in my hotel room (which I’ve come to think of as my little home away from home >-<) after being away for 2 days. Well okay, really just 36 hours but…I’M DEAD TIRED.

But I will blog anyways (though I’m sort of cheating, lumping the two days together).

So what happened?

Well Hakone and Kamakura happened.

However before I got into the details, please allow me to complain about my tour guide.

I don’t like tour guides, that’s why I don’t go on tours.

And I especially don’t like it when they try to talk while I’m trying to sleep.

This one talks a lot…too much…and she’s too happy.

And she upset me…but I’ll go into that later.

So morning, we had a talk on tourism in Hakone where’they’re trying to make use of Evangelion to promote the place…they made this app that combines real Hakone sites with Evangelion sites onto a map for the iPhone and iPad.

It was really cool…except we didn’t get to use it because our tour guide gave us a guided tour that included sitting on a ship, a cable car and hiking up the volcano.

Before that however we got to make sushi…making sushi isn’t easy really…and I don’t eat fish so I sorta starved that afternoon…but okay continuing

The view was pretty good, got some decent pictures…but it wasn’t exactly fun.

Then we stayed at a Ryokan…which was…I guess okay?

We really didn’t have much time to experience anything, we were shoved there around 6pm, had dinner at 7pm, and had to sleep because we had to meet at 7am the next day.


So all I did was visit the big bath house in the basement that had onsen water running through it.

Yes, I got naked, in front of other females and we all soaked in the hot (and cold) water together.

It’s a very….liberating experience?

Yea…the hot water totally killed me though, me being really bad with hot water and all.

I suppose it helps that none of us were staring at each other’s naked ass so it’s not that embarrassing to be butt naked.

My roommates and I had ice-cream, beer and ume-shu soda respectively (guess what I got) after our bath and then chatted and slept. day morning came, we had breakfast and went on the damn tour bus again, where I slept with my mouth open because I was just so tired.

Though yea, I was half awake because the tour guide WON’T SHUT UP.

Yea I have a thing against her.

We visited a ton of temples….I got a little dizzy and sick at some for supernatural reasons and took loads of photos.

Tweddy’s feet got muddy so I had to go wash the poor guy.

I’m sorry Tweddy, I love you, I didn’t mean to.

He turned out clean, so we’re all good, though he is STILL getting a bath when we get back to Singapore.

Anyways, then…we went for this Samurai experience (cool stuff), which is where my bitching of my guide comes in.

The Samurai experience is a 3 part thing.

It includes traditional archery, visiting this old Samurai path way in the forest and wearing Samurai clothes.

So we were split into smaller groups and started with archery.

My partner and I were forced to end early because our stupid tour guide came in and said: ” oh we don’t have enough time, our bus MUST leave at this time, can your shorten this archery session?”

The people running the session obviously said “well, they only have a few arrows left”, but our tour guide persisted and told them to end it…the nice people running the session said that they don’t mind ending early as long as we don’t mind.

Our tour guide didn’t even ask us, she just executively decided that WE WILL NOT BE GETTING MORE SHOTS.

And poof half-way we were dragged off.

We were the FIRST team to do archery.

All the teams after us got the full thing, except for me and my partner.

You see why I’m really pissed at the guide?


Anyways, so we visited another temple, walked down this shopping street and returned to Tokyo where I spent hours on the bus playing Monster Hunter.

After that, followed my friend to Akiba to buy a present for her sister and then here I am.

Typing away!

Yea, I think my photos are more interesting.

Cool Japan! Trip Day 10 AND 11

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