Cool Japan! Day 7

Disneyland (well in this case, Disney Sea) truly is the happiest place on earth.

You’re happy even when you go there ALONE!!

Yes, it’s Saturday so NO CLASSES, WOHOO!

And I finally get to be a proper tourist.

So I went to Disney Sea, because you know that’s Tweddy’s home town and it’s my true home away from home.

I love Tokyo Disney Resort, I really do.

I went alone cause everyone else wanted to visit places like Shinjuku, Akiba etc.

It’s not that those places aren’t cool, but since it’s like my 5th time in this country, been there, done that you know?

Anyways, I shan’t elaborate on my travels there.

It was a really really hot day, but it was great fun.

I originally thought that it’d be really sad to be in Disney Sea alone you know?

But it turned out to be SO MUCH FUN.

Best day of the trip, DEFINITELY!

Anyhow, so my itinerary was simple, watch Minnie’s Tropical Splash, watch My Friend Duffy, take the new Toy Story Mania Ride and TAKE LOTS OF PHOTOS!

Yup, since it’s my 5th trip (yes I go to Disneyland WITHOUT FAIL every time I go to Japan), you’d think that  I’d run out of stuff to do.

But this time I truly realize that Disneyland and Sea have endless revisiting possibilities.

The park is so detailed and intricate that you can just go there to explore and LOOK at stuff (and watch people) and it’d be worth it, which was exactly what I did.

As someone who aspires to become an imagineer, for me going to Disneyland is a bit like going on  a study field trip.

I certainly learned a lot today.

The DETAIL these people put in when designing the park, as fun as Universal Studios might be, there just isn’t the same level of detail and effort put in, I swear.

DIsney is magical, end of story.

Well two highlights for today.

First, the Minnie Tropical Splash show…obviously as the name implies, means throwing loads of water around and splashing everyone.

Seeing as I had a camera and tweddy with me, I’d obviously stayed out of the splash zone.

BUT, after the show ended ad I was catching the floats on their way back…they shot water bombs at us and…even though I RAN for my life….I got wet.

My camera survived because I shielded it (it got some water on it but nothing towels can’t fix), and Tweddy, by some miracle only got slightly damp. THANK GOD.

Then I went around taking photos…people and kids are all SO CUTE, I don’t know, watching people being happy in a theme park makes me happy; I mean that’s why I want to get into this line of work right?

Well, the second interesting highlight is this cleaner.

Okay, he isn’t actually a janitor, he’s actually a performer/mime dressed as a Disney Cleaner and he’d show up at queues and in the middle of the road and start performing.

IT’S A BRILLIANT IDEA, it made our 1.5 hour queue so much more entertaining. They should do that more.

Well…I can probably write like a 2k word reflection on how awesome and inspiring today’s trip was, but I’m too lazy and you’re just here for photos.

So there, enjoy the 300+ photos.


Cool Japan! Day 7

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