Cool Japan! Trip Day 6

Today is a no photo day.

Basically because today is ALL about lectures.

Yes, I sat in that stupid lecture room from 9.30am till 5pm, that’s like 7 and a half hours just in one building.

Amazing isn’t it?

Bloody hell.

Well today’s lecture was…well we had one of the WORST lectures we ever had today, and amazingly it was about movies.

Really, who would give a bunch of non-film students film class without giving them ANY background knowledge?

I’d say that film class is really a big big failure.

The professor knew his stuff but he reads from his paper, doesn’t read it very well and gave us no context at all to understand.

So yes, BAD.

We had Marty Friedman first thing this morning.

He was a cool guy, had a pretty interesting discussion which didn’t have much to do with Japanese music.

Never to be someone who just LISTENS to famous people, I personally disagree with quite a bit of his ideas, but everyone’s entitled to their own opinions

Just to summarize, he, as an avid fan of Japanese music and sounds and thinks that Japanese music is unique and wonderful.

I would agree and disagree, I agree that Japanese music is truly unique and has very little limitations as to what’s acceptable and what you cannot do.

I disagree that it’s wonderful…mainly with regards to idol music, which according to him is also a piece and work of art.

I do agree that producers put a LOT of effort into producing the song to their EXACT specifications, as to whether the sensibilities of the song is there and if the artists themselves are good enough singers to make the song sound good is a WHOLE other story.

And well, he obviously knows very little about the K-pop industry if he says that Japanese spend more time and money and effort into producing their artists and music.

Please, have you SEEN YG entertainment music videos?

That’s money and time being thrown around .

Plus, Korean artists get wayy more training than their Japanese counterparts….so whilst Japanese music production CREW work to make their work as perfect as possible..well if your vessel is a failed one…*shrugs*.

That’s just me of course.

So aside from that we had Professor Bishoujo Patrick talk to us about Games and Idol Culture.

Those two were actually good lectures.

I finally, FINALLY understand why the music/entertainment industry in Japan is so….in a way twisted.

Lets put it this way.

The definition of Idol is Japan is vastly different from the rest of the world.

In Japan, idols are: untalented individuals who are heavily produced and marketed to form a perceived relationship with their fans to stimulate the media and economic environment.

You can go draw your own conclusions from that, I’m too lazy to type out my reflections.

After all, I do have a fanfiction to finish.


So this is me, off to write.

Cool Japan! Trip Day 6

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