Cool Japan! Trip Day 2

Okay so day 2.

Day 2’s technically Day 1 of the program so yesterday is actually day 0.

But just to be less confusing, today will be day 2.

Day 2’s post will be very short for two reasons.

One, it’s very uneventful.

Two, it’s very boring.

Today I ate breakfast at my hotel, did my 2 minute walk to the school and waited for the program to start.

We had a really long and boring introduction followed by a super short awkward ice-breaker.

Then we went straight into lectures.


I signed up for holiday, for fun! For exploring and visiting places in singapore!

Not to sit in a classroom for hours to listen to a guy talk about Japan history from a power point slide.

As in, yes the lectures were interesting but THIS ISN’T WHY I’M IN JAPAN.


ugh…stupid bad vacation.

I’m a tad miffed.

Anyways, so lecture, lunch and then we WENT SOMEWHERE…

to see a woman ride what looked like a miniature Sybian machine from the Howard Stern show (and if you didn’t know, the sybian is basically a giant sex toy) on wheels, and a miniature robot that can sort of run and walk and balance on one leg do a lot of talking and a short dance.

Very interesting.

I wonder, what’s the point of this sybian scooter, because it’s obviously not meant for fat people and not meant for outdoors.

Why in the nine hells would skinny people need wheels INDOORS!?

And old people can’t ride it because they’ll fall off and die.

Kids are too short…

I don’t get this.

Anyways, then we had MORE LECTURE.

This time…an anime critic came…so think english literature class, except instead of doing commentary on Kafka or Shakepeare, we’re doing Miyazaki films and Ghost in Shell.

Very insightful and brain-draining…

Finally it was time for DINNER!

Us bunch of girls decided to get gyoza, so we went to this dingy little joint around the corner, tried to order food in Japanese only to find out that the guy is from China…so we asked for spicy and sour soup and they specially made it for us because we speak chinese.

Finished the meal, walked back to my hotel.

Chilled, did some work, skyped my mom and here I am typing this.

I lead such an interesting life.


I’m not never happy, I’m just….not not unhappy.

Cool Japan! Trip Day 2

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