Physical abuse leads to better temper.

True story.

I was probably (more like definitely) PMSing today, didn’t help that ONCE AGAIN, people only informed me about shoot AT THE ABSOLUTE LAST MINUTE…but I digress.

I actually didn’t kill anyone.

As in no one was screamed at or yelled at etc.

I would like to thank my beloved gym, Ritual for working all my stress and anger out of me.

Really, if you work out properly, you’d be too drained and exhausted to be mad at anything.

Very therapeutic…strange isn’t it, how intensive physical workouts are actually quite zen, at least for me.

I also feel less dead after working out…go figure.

But my main issue for today is that…

I finally go my scholarship which I was so damn sure I wouldn’t get due to certain reasons…



And I had exactly 3 and a half minutes to celebrate and be happy about it before I was dragged back to discuss how to resolve issues for the live webcast next week.

Thereafter I had to stress over stupid failing wirecast studios and black magic boxes, grill wagyu beef and edit until…well now.

Did I mention I’ve had like NO ONE to celebrate and scream about this news to?

I went online…everyone I know is offline, I’m having a cold war with my bf and my mom celebrated with me during my 3min and 30 seconds///

Happiness is short lived…it’s fleeting…transient…you get my drift.

So it’s a good thing I’m probably too achey to be upset about it right now.


Physical abuse leads to better temper.

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