I’m currently seriously considering becoming either a lesbian or asexual.

Okay probably asexual because I’m just not attracted to women.

But either way, I’ve concluded that the male species of the human population are best to have as friends.

Now, understand first that it’s hard for most men to see members of the female population as anything besides FEMALE, but some do manage to view a female as a fellow human and a friend, they are either gay or you don’t fall under their category of “attractive”, which isn’t a bad thing when you think about it.

As friends, men tend to be very reliable. Sure they may ditch you for the little things here and there, but they’re always there for the big important stuff. Compared to women (not ALL women) most men are rather easy going and straight forward, so there isn’t much guessing and back stabbing to go by. Also, men as friends tend to be quite loyal, you know you can go through a few rough patches with them and things will come out alright.

All in all, all of a man’s best traits are displayed when they are friends.

As a partner in a relationship, men comparatively disappoints.

It’s not their fault completely I’m sure, but when things get complicated and delicate emotions come into play, most men just FAIL. They get upset, they get petty, they get angry, the list goes on. On one hand, men will go to great lengths, even ditch their friend for their girlfriend and wives, but that’s a MOMENTARY display. After a certain phase, the female in his life is relegated to second place compared to other things. Men as boyfriends and husbands may give their all and go to great lengths for the girlfriends and wives but that’s under the circumstances that he is happy with said female and the relationship is stable. And keeping men happy is tough business.

Men as friends sympathize, men as husbands/boyfriends expect.

When you have a problem, your guy friend will either joke about it or try to help you, but he never actually gets emotionally involved and thus doesn’t get affected.

Your boyfriend is too emotionally invested in you to be emotionally detached by the issue to actually be of much comfort and help. More importantly, they expect you to be cautious of THEIR problems and stress first, so while friends who suffer together stay together, lovers who suffer together break up.

It’s weird, when you and your friend (regardless of gender this time) are both going through tough times, you support each other and get out of it.

If both members of a couple are going through rough times, they fight and break up.

It’s the expectation I suppose, you expect him to understand and comfort you, he expects the same, neither of you actually do it…

Men are usually more direct and unafraid to iron out issues with friends, as boyfriends and husbands, they skirt around this and that in fear of incurring the female wrath. Truth be told the female wrath is ANNOYING but not deadly, unresolved issues are deadly, but most men don’t see that.

Back to the point though, in all relationships, people expect.

Where women expect love and support, men expect care and sex.

As all women know, putting out isn’t actually pleasurable every single time, much circumstances and conditions need to be met for sex to be enjoyable, bad sex can ruin everything, no sex still ruins everything but good sex is just hard to come by sometimes.

The real issue caused by this however isn’t sexual frustration but disappointment.

When you expect, you are bound to be disappointed.

That’s the real difference that makes men better friends than lovers, expectation.

Friends don’t expect, if they do, it’s not much.

Lovers expect A LOT and that expectation is mutual.

With expectation comes conditions and hidden conditions which makes for greater disappointment.

Couple this with the fact that men basically don’t like dealing with stuff THEY don’t think is important, it’s a recipe for disaster.

In conclusion, men are at their best as friends and if you are one of the unlucky few who cannot weather men’s more infuriating traits, then perhaps you can consider becoming asexual and stick to being friendzoned.

Trust me, it’s less annoying and painful that way.



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