Sometimes I think most of my stress and frustration comes from seeking advise/talking to people around me.

Maybe I was like 10% annoyed/pissed/stressed etc.

Then I talk to people and they either don’t understand the situation thus give shitty advice and or makes things worse by making things sound worse or drag themselves into it. Or they just manage to say stuff that’s really infuriating.

And it’s amazing how they can say the EXACT things to piss me off.

Out of all the things you can say in the world.

And they of course didn’t mean to, didn’t know and so I can’t be righteously pissed off/scream/yell at them.

Which leads me to realize the only times when I’m not suffering from some sort of frustration/feeling infuriated are the times when I’m alone and either zoning out or thinking.

I should really consider becoming a hermit >-<


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