Why editing takes a long time

This is just a spoof lol

But I’d like to take some time to share with my imaginary boss as to why editing takes so long and so many damn days.

The reason is simple.

A lot of time is spent (more like wasted) on waiting.

No seriously.

See when you ingest footage, you wait, for sometimes up to 2 hours!

Then when you import footage into a project, they need to be conformed! That takes another what, hour?

Then when you finally get to those few precious editing hours, you hit the enter button to render…that’s another what hour or two?


So what you gotta do?


Oh and guess what.

You got it, export means MORE WAITING!

Sometimes exporting can take the entire night if it’s exceptionally long project you made.

And there you have it, why editing takes so damn long.


And they do say, good things come to those who wait.


Why editing takes a long time

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