Woes of being in the media/entertainment industry

I love being a producer/editor…I love the media industry, I buy into it, I believe in it and I like working in it.

Though being my age (20), it sometimes sucks to work in this glorified industry.

See, it’s not an industry everyone gets in and so it’s not one people relate to.

Most people relate to being sales person at IT fairs, baristas, waitresses etc, not cameramen, editors and producers.

My friends often have difficulty sympathizing with what I do.

They either think it’s really easy, or really hard, but either way they don’t truly grasp the amount of blood and sweat and passion that goes into it.

I mean the stress of running a show is so much more than the stress of writing a paper in a way, but the sense of accomplishment is also so much more.

What I really struggle with is how they don’t understand the amount of stress we deal with. Poor grades are met with by disappointed parents, poor programs are met with by angered MASSES.

And of course the lack of understanding means awkward moments in conversations, because they can hardly understand how frustrating it is when only ONE camera was set to 29fps when the rest are in 25fps.  And production jokes are completely lost of them.

To my friends, I’m like an alien really. I’m working when they are studying and to add on to it, I’m working in an industry they JUST DON’T GET.  Even if I did accomplish something amazing, they won’t get it..unless of course I say I just shot the MV of SNSD…but until then, they’re so unfamiliar with the media industry that what I do they can’t really evaluate and value, so indifference and disinterest is the only way.

But the media industry is a career path that really interferes with your personal life, i.e it IS your personal life. So you don’t have much to talk about with other people beyond the typical movies, shopping and food convo…that is sad.

Ah well…back to editing!!


Woes of being in the media/entertainment industry

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