Making theme parks more awesome

It’s 10.10 in the morning, I’m procrastinating which means I’m blogging.

So~~ today’s topic of choice to procrastinate with is this: MAKING THEME PARKS MORE AWESOME!

Alright, I worship theme parks, I love them, I wanna work in them, I wanna work on them and I wanna live in them, you get the gist of it.

My favourite theme park in the whole wide world is Tokyo Disney Land, unfortunately there isn’t a close second. Although if we’re ranking rides then quite a few Universal Studios rides will be ranking up there.

Back to the point.

How do we make theme parks more awesome!

I say, make the food more awesome!

I’m one of the few people who don’t mind paying those extra bucks for theme park food even if they’re just at a mediocre level, because well, it’s a theme park, that’s how they make money and you’re eating the food for the mood not for the taste.

BUT, that’s being said a lot of my favourite moments at Tokyo Disney Land (and Sea) were ones involving declious snacks. Nothing beats eating a piping hot Chuuro and drinking warm Milk Tea in a chilly Winter Afternoon at Tokyo Disney Sea while you walk to your next ride. And just walking around trying to eat ALL the different flavors of delicious popcorn (the black pepper is the best in my opinion) around Tokyo Disney Sea is one of the best time killers.

So snacks at Tokyo Disney Resort is great, but how are the actual meals and food? Well…on a whole, it’s decent. But that’s my gripe really, that it’s DECENT. Food is important to me and for me a magical experience isn’t perfect until the food is magical. Now I’m not asking for Michelin Star restaurants (although if the Resort hotels would have them I’d be thrilled because the hotel food costs that much but doesn’t taste all that amazing sadly…), but if hawkers on the streets of Tokyo can sell delicious Ramen and Dorayaki, it’s definitely possible to make the food at Theme Parks more delicious. Case in point, they’ve already done it with their Chuuro and popcorn, why not everything else?

Actually I find it just a little odd, all theme parks I’ve been to have their best-selling restaurants with really good food and those that are just sad. In Universal Studios Singapore, they’ve got really damn good pizza (one of the best I’ve had) but their Oasis Cafe serves terrible Lebanese food and lets not get started on their Transformers inspired cafe OR their Hollywood cafe…See, if food was good then maybe we’d all stay around longer to eat instead of heading out for food. And nothing ruins the mood of a beautiful Sunday Brunch by the Main Street than bad toast and eggs.

So yea theme park chefs, please, make your food tastier, I don’t know how but do it. Import your cakes from local cafes and ice-cream from local creameries! Steal old hawker’s recipes or heck just hire them. Bring out some molecular food thingies! Those would roll great with theme parks! I really don’t know, but if I did then I probably would be working in the theme park, not writing on how to make it better in the comfort of my living room, trying to escape doing my work.

Speaking of which, I probably should get back to it now.

Making theme parks more awesome

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