A couple that plays together stays together

I’ve been told that having a gamer girlfriend is every guy’s dream.

In that case my boyfriend is a very lucky guy because I game.

However, I find that this saying puts a lot of stress on said gaming girlfriends, or at least on me.

See, how good must you be at gaming to be considered a gamer girlfriend?

Because I have to admit, I suck at games. Thankfully there is this never-changing law of the universe that goes “practice makes perfect”, therefore I am able to train like a madman and at least not be a dead weight when I’m playing with said boyfriend.

I mean, I really want to understand which part of having a gamer girlfriend makes it such a great thing.

If having a gamer girlfriend is awesome because you have someone you trust to help and play with you, then it means that your girlfriend must first and foremost be a GOOD gamer.

Same thing goes for if having a girlfriend who games is good to show off to your friends.

Actually, if it’s having a girlfriend who games is good because then you can spend your time with your friends AND your girlfriend together. But this means that said girlfriend needs to be at least DECENT, if not your friends are just going to ask you to leave her at home so that she won’t screw up the mission.

See what I mean by being a gamer girlfriend is stressful?

But it gets worse, you want to be good, but if you’re TOO good (aka better than your boyfriend), then you risk damaging his ego. But lets face it, if you’re any good at games, it obviously means you play to win and losing, even if it is to your boyfriend is a blow to your pride.

Having said all that however, I totally agree that a couple that plays together stays together.

Because instead of constantly having to find stuff to do on dates, my boyfriend and I can just bum at home and play games.

And unlike perhaps some other unlucky girls who game and have boyfriends who share said hobby, I can absolutely suck and my boyfriend wouldn’t mind. He just likes spending time with me, even if it means carrying me through the quest. Which means him secretly training and leveling up behind my back  and me doing the same just so that we don’t hold each other back, it’s cute I know, but so stupid when you look at it sometimes. And the best part is, my boyfriend doesn’t mind if I am better than him every here and there, now and then. But then I have an issue. See, I don’t like it if people go easy on me, and my boyfriend sometimes do that subconsciously or accidentally and just as I was cheering over my hard-earned victory, I realized I’ve been duped and I get really disappointed. I mean, I KNEW I couldn’t have won so easily.

I suppose it all comes down to the fact that I take gaming more seriously than my boyfriend. I freak out if I have to watch myself die in vain but he just laughs it off, so half the time I watch him do stupid shit and twitch every time he has a close call. Either way though, we both have fun and I guess that’s what matters most.

But god dammit, I work so hard to get to where I am to finally be told that I’ve just caught up. T.T My pride!!! (and my dear boyfriend, if you are reading this, it’s fine, my pride will live, please don’t go easy on me or pretend you’re not doing as well, I’ll probably combust if I found out the truth =D)

A couple that plays together stays together

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