A really really bad day

Pardon me while I rant away because I’ve had a really really bad day (and gosh, look at the time! It’s only 1.52pm! I’m not even half-way through).

So I woke up and bummed around starving because there was no food in the house.

Then I finally got around to showering and was ready to head out to go to the film equipment store and then I got a call from my mom.

She wants this 25minute and 5GB video SOMEHOW sent to her office through the web because they need it NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW.

Did I mention their internet speed is round 15mbp/s which means it takes ETERNITY to download ANYTHING.

Unreasonable I know. And she can’t get anyone to come get it from me, because you know, I need to get the equipment that no one can get?

So I sat around trying to figure out how to downsize said video, and it starts raining cats and dogs. Now I can’t go out.

AND THEN my wonderful premiere pro decides to tell me, once I FINALLY figured out how to make the file smaller, that IT SOMEHOW CANNOT ENCODE THE VIDEO and freezes at 0% for all eternity.

So here I am stuck in my house, DESPERATELY needing to export said video and get to the equipment store.

Have I mentioned how much I absolutely HATE working for my mom? IT SUCKS.

She only ever demands stuff from me, and it’s always the unreasonable stuff. I do practically EVERYONE’s work (not exaggerating here) but gets the least pay in the office. I work overtime at home EVERY SINGLE DAMN DAY for her AND I have to listen to her bitch about her staff and work.

I get no appreciation or gratitude and all I hear day in and day out is everyone else, mom included, bitching or singing praises of themselves.

I’d love to watch everyone crash and burn, really I do.

AND I’m having my period.

I’m just having a really really bad day.

A really really bad day

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