In which I decide that Milo makes for a good topic

Today is Monday.

There is no significance to whether or not today is Monday or  Friday but today, I find that recently I’ve been discussing too much on BIG TOPICS.

Like politics and gender equality and relationships.

Which really isn’t very like me.

Yes, I occasionally have Chocomon wisdom to share on such issues and I ALWAYS have something to say, but really, I’m just much too lazy to always talk about such serious matters.

So although I now have LOADS to say about politics and governmental policies (not by choice my I add, if you were surrounded by people comparing China and Singapore politics and policies over lunch, you’d have loads of thing to say too), I have decided that I WILL REJECT SUCH DISCUSSIONS AND TOPICS! For a while.

Let us just be happy and appreciate what we have. All the bitching and complaining and discussing is DEPRESSING and TIRING and ANNOYING ,and it’s not even CONSTRUCTIVE! I don’t believe in wasting my time on something that isn’t constructive unless it’s slacking and procrastinating.

So I have decided that Milo is a good topic to rant about.

Did you know that Milo originated from Australia?

But strangely Milo cannot be found in fast food chains in Australia, or anywhere else for that matter. As in yes, in many SEA countries as well as NZ and Aussie, Milo can be found in your groceries stores but ONLY WE HAVE MILO IN OUR FAST FOOD PLACES!

It makes me feel so special and fuzzy inside.

We are also probably the country that’s most rampant when it comes to availability of Milo. We have it in powder form in sachets and tins. We have it ready made (with and without mocha) in cans and packets. We have it as snacks, in cereal, cereal bars, chocolates and even ice-cream. We also have it at F&B outlets, as hot milo, ice milo, milo dinosaur and even MILO GODZILLA.

And gods, Milo Dinosaur is really so damn addictive. It’s a mess and not necessarily delicious but there’s just something about eating clumps of Milo powder that makes it incredibly satisfying.

I’d also like to share that I like it when my ice-milo is warm at the bottom and becomes cold only near the top, and it’s probably something only people who’ve had Milo at coffee shops will understand, because only at coffee shops do they make your milo with hot water and dump ice in it later, causing the cool hot and cold syndrome in said Milo.

Milo will always have a special place in my heart, more so than any other malt chocolate drinks. Milo is irreplaceable!!!

So yes, although Milo originated in Australia, Singapore reinvented it.

In which I decide that Milo makes for a good topic

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