Okay, yea, the frequent blogging just means I’ve got lots of work to do and I’m looking for every and any excuse I’ve got to procrastinate.

See, I was going to the toilet to attend to some urgent business (ah, euphemism, gotta love it), and it suddenly hit me out of nowhere that MacDonalds nugget tastes like wax.

Yes they have that signature nuggety taste but there is also an underlying waxy consistency and bite.

Have you ever tasted wax?  (Okay if you say no, then at least have the courtesy to ignore how weird I am for having tasted it before)

It’s…waxy (uh duh), but there is also this sort of a sharp bite (most likely due to the chemicals telling you that NO YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO PUT THIS IN YOUR MOUTH) that is EXACTLY like the bite that hits your tongue when you eat McNuggets!

Which is disturbing because I thought only plastic is used in McNuggets, not wax too…


Yea, that’s all.



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