Dinner for breakfast

I’ve come to the conclusion that instead of trying to find a healthier and more filling breakfast, I’ll just eat dinner for breakfast.

Breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day. It’s supposed to be where you get all your nutrients from, apparently humans can live fine without dinner as long as they have breakfast and lunch. So…why are all the big meals saved for dinner whereas for breakfast you get all these measly tiny portions of food?

Think about it, typical breakfast consists of:

  • some sort of grains/cereal/otameal
  • eggs
  • bread of some sort
  • a drink (coffee or tea)

And for dinner, you have an appetizer, the main, a soup and even dessert! That’s 4 dishes! Compared to breakfast that’s usually one.

You see, I’ve racked my brains trying to figure out how to have a hearty breakfast that  isn’t always the all american breakfast…5 pancakes may be filling but it doesn’t do much health wise and the all american breakfast kinda wears you down after a while. So to this end, I’ve decided, forget what breakfast is SUPPOSED to be, as long as I get a heck load of (healthy) food down my throat, who cares if it doesn’t fit into the brekkie cookie cutter? I WILL HAVE DINNER FOR BREAKFAST!

Coming for the person to eats cereal for breakfast lunch dinner supper and snacks, I suppose it works.

Thus this is my idea of what a full breakfast should be!

  • Main dish with protein and carbs (can be a sandwich, a donburi)
  • Glass of milk, or milo, or milk tea =P
  • Side of fruits (because I’d die before I eat salad for BREAKFAST)
  • Cereal or a pastry treat for dessert!

And it isn’t even THAT much harder to make compared to a normal breakfast.

No I’m not going to count calories or fat content, if I had time to do that I’d be downing junk food. I believe in a balanced diet, balancing the healthy and unhealthy. I’d love to try almond milk…because it taste good, not because of health factors. Lets face it, food should first be palatable then healthy, if not why don’t all of us just pop nutrient supplement pills all day long? -_-lll

Dinner for breakfast

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