In which I can’t decide what to write about

Good morning my fellow everyone.

Today I’d like to rant about the following:

  • My strange dream
  • Singapore government
  • The tech environment

Not necessarily in that order.

So let the ranting commence!!

Okay so I actually woke up and went back to bed at 7am and had the freakiest but coolest dream ever! It’s like it came straight out of a PS3 game. So I was a robot, well a humanoid robot capable of human feelings and understanding and I also have the ability to change my outer appearance (known as generating skins) to imitate other people. I don’t know who I am, how I came to be, all I know is I’m running for my life from the  government who wants me dead (especially that fat lady with the brown bob and purple track suit who is the governess) because I defy their country’s system and order. Whatever that means. So the country I unfortunately landed in was not given a name by my dreaming brain, but it’s basically like a fake utopia, everything is pretty, waterfalls, lights, pretty pavements EVERYWHERE. That sort of thing. There are also strange flying mechanical jellyfishes that goes around scanning people’s brains to see if they are obeying the order set up by the system. If they don’t they’re dragged off and killed.

Right so for most of my dream, I’m running away from guards and jelly fishes, I am frequently found hiding in this pool under a small waterfall right by the city hall. It’s a very pretty place, too bad I can’t draw it out for you. I ran into a casino once, where the jellyfishes killed someone in public (they’re not suppose to kill people in public) and because I was there, they tried to frame me for it and I only managed to sneak out by impersonating  the purple lady. Anyways, obviously right after I left the casino as the purple lady, the actual purple lady came and busted me so I was being chased again! Thankfully I was saved by this man in a brown trench coat and hat, AND HE CAN FLY! So the guards stopped chasing us because it was jellyfish scanning time again and we had to avoid being scanned, so this guy flew rounds around the jellyfishes, he even had a reflector shield to block them when he couldn’t avoid them and HE FLEW STRAIGHT INTO THE CENTRE OF THE JELLYFISH! I was of course clinging onto him for dear life, because I cannot fly. He grabbed this strange cube thing that is at the centre of the jellyfish and turns out that is the core, and by touching the core, we see back in time what happened to trench coat man! Turns out, many many years ago, before Utopia was built, this man was one of the few inventors who led the country and protected it from war with 3D fishes that tried to kill everyone. (You read that right, 3D fishes). So it was the last stand, the trench coat guy had tiny red sausage looking minions (that are the ancestors of the ugly red giants that are the guards who keep chasing my sorry ass) around him, the jellyfishes were there scanning for enemies and he had a GIANT RED HAND like hellboy that could barely fit under his brown leather jacket. So these 3D fishes apparently attack underground, so one of the other scientist guy warns him that an attack is coming, the bricks literally shift and he whacks the floor with his red fist and POOF, THEY HAVE WON! But then an argument breaks out, apparently loads of other scientists have been capturing 3D fishes to eat them instead of killing them because they don’t taste good unless killed on the spot and immediately consumed, and their taste is so addictive that the scientist have actively started to postpone the war just so they can have more fish! So trench coat guy got mad, a few people who agreed with him left with him and they went elsewhere to live as hermits.

Years later this 3D fish eating community evolved into Utopia! And is run by a computer system invented by one of the scientists to preserve peace and order, EXCEPT obviously the 3D fish eating has CONTAMINATED THE SYSTEM and now the system is poisoned and doesn’t  think about law and peace and order and shit, but because this goes against it’s original programming, the system becomes twisted and tries to scan for anything remotely out of line and execute it so that it doesn’t have to destroy itself. Trench coat guy is here to stop this from happening. He brings me back to their sanctuary, where he bullshits that any human who is born completely human who has stayed true to themselves and is blessed under the stars of the Trinity river by the Russian skys will always be accepted, which as I said is bullshit because I’m a fucking ROBOT but was welcomed anyway.I fixed myself up and woke up from my dream.

I know, I wake up at the worst of times.

So onto the Singapore government.

I unlike many other people actually stand on our government’s side, I accept that they are not perfect, no government is. I really detest people who hate on the current government who has given us so much because it seems like ungrateful brats hating on their parents because they don’t have enough. However, I do have to agree that someones our government is just asking for it. The few higher ups at the zenith of our country have made expedient decisions that have for better or worse improved Singapore, they just SUCK at handling human emotions that are BOUND to surface when you make any changes or decisions. And their mid-level people aka MPs and anyone down that line suck even MORE at dealing with people. Apparently their education didn’t include common sense and dealing with human emotions. Proof can be seen from the latest election catastrophe. Up against a pompus idiot, even a clueless idiot will win. And that was really what happened. The worker’s party doesn’t have the experience or vision to guide Singapore who is already on a global stage with expectations for world-class developments. I’m sorry but they just don’t cut it. But they are more in tune with the masses needs and sometimes the masses needs just don’t agree with a what a country needs to develop. But unhappy people equates to a struggling country, so back to the case, before you do anything, MANAGE THE EMOTIONS OF YOUR PEOPLE.

We’re trying to increase our overall population by increasing PRs, as if our population density isn’t high enough, but this IS the only thing the government can do lest we become an aging population by Japan whereby its working force is crumbling under pressure of having so many dependents, but Singaporeans are spoiled, they want to be comfortable and feel like our godlike government should be able to come up with a solution that makes sure we have a comfortable population density and STILL not have an aging population. Ideally, women would start having more babies, but like I discussed in another post, their strategy for that is obviously shot. Cost of living is rising, most evident in the damn COE, I get it, you want to discourage people from driving and getting cars, this is the most effective way, I even approve of it. But your alternative to not driving is shitty. Yes we are a small country, distance between places is actually walkable, but please don’t forget, 200m under the hot sun feels more like 1km, we are not a walking friendly country because of our damn weather! So if you’re not going to let us drive because we have too little space, make your alternatives better! Yes we are having more and more lines, but take industrial parks for example, many people who don’t have a car work there, they STILL have to walk that 200m-1km every bloody day from your stations and bus stops to their office, in stuffy hot office attire may I add, I don’t resent them for hating on the COE prices when you have to go through that. Solution? Bicycles, so many people are adopting it actually but fact of the matter is our roads and pavements are not bike friendly. Yea well government, GO MAKE IT BIKE FRIENDLY, and while you’re at it, go get us some free bikes to rent or at least install more bike racks. You don’t want us to drive, FINE, at least make more realistic alternatives!

But right, your ‘elites’ are apparently too stupid to realize the problems us common people DO have because they live in a bubble that YOU provided. Heck, I don’t even think many of them qualify as elites. You know what elites mean? People of superior class, the best of the best. I don’t like it but logic demands that I agree that having elites work on things do increase efficiency, but let me point out why the way we breed elites fail. And it’s not JUST the government’s fault, it’s everyone’s fault. We choose our elites from primary school, kids who are better at math and english and science. All hard skills. They are put through better education, provided better opportunities, always praised and made aware that they are BETTER THAN OTHERS. They’ve never if rarely had someone say no to them, never had to face hardships because everything is paved out for them, how can these untempered individuals be considered ELITE. They are only best at academics, but being an elite means you’re the best even in terms of strength of mind and character. Being able to score full marks on an SAT doesn’t mean you can lead a group of people to success. So while the higher ups of the government have the right idea, the execution of it is just terrible! Our elites are more like…coddled stuffed toys! And it’s hard for people who live in a bubble to sympathize with people who don’t, especially if they’ve been doing it for YEARS. I’m sure there are exceptions, but exceptions are always few in numbers, if you want to go the elitist way, go get yourself some true elites.

But like I said, we are at fault too. We allow the system to keep these elites on their pedestal. Irony to the fact that most likely even a member of the worker’s party will want his/her child to go to a good school, end up in accelerated programs and get a government scholarship and a steady job in association. That’s what we as a collective have branded as success, so it’d be going against social norms to encourage your kid to be different. People with other talents, like sports, cooking, arts, music etc. don’t necessarily bloom in our existing academic systems and we label them as failures, and because of that they will never realize their true talents and contribute to our cultural landscape.

I guess every issue that our country has now is not single handedly the fault of the government but the fault of Singapore, its people and all, as a whole. We can argue that it’s our government that has made us this way, so dependent and reliant and spoiled, but we can also argue that it’s us who has made the government this way, so expedient and unsympathetic; but all that is like arguing about which came first, the chicken or the egg. Singapore is an entity that will not exist without its people OR its government, we are a symbiotic whole, so instead of hating on each other, we should start being more understanding and sympathetic or each other and really sit down and TALK about how to resolve things so that more people will be happy.

And now I would like to bitch about  tech. I am such a tech geek, I love technological stuff but new things keep coming out day in and day out, like a torrent of flood water that never ends and I’m drowning. I don’t know about other people but I am just TIRED from all the new products and inventions and changes and improvements. The ecosystem of technology is changing so rapidly that its business model isn’t catching up, the consumers aren’t catching but we are always being fed news of new developments and keeping up is TIRING. Yet we can’t choose to live under a rock. Why can’t someone, ANYONE, regulate this flow of information and improvement? I don’t mind if there are 20000 new inventions and advancements awaiting to be unleashed if I just get a breather! Business wise, this idea will never work, but purely from a consumer’s point of view, I’d be very happy if all products just came out at the same time, gave me a breather in between all the releases and let me also save up money for everything. It’ll also give people time to adapt to new methods and ways of how tech integrates into our lives, those things take time but if you keep inundating us with new concepts and ideas, we’d end up terrible and inefficient with all of them! And back to the same old argument of why don’t you guys spend more of that effort towards non-consumer electronics and aim it at stuff like aviation and improving the environment and saving the earth. If I’m not getting a floating car or teleportation device anytime soon, then I don’t think I mind my phones and TVs staying the same like how cars and planes stay the same for a while just so that a real breakthrough can be made.

On a completely unrelated matter, MY NEW DESKTOP IS COMING TODAY! YAY!!!!

Chocomon, a contradiction in a nutshell =P

In which I can’t decide what to write about

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