Hoshino Coffee Part 2!

This is a follow up review of Hoshino Coffee, for part 1, please click here and for part 3, please click here!

So after my first stint at Hoshino Coffee, I went back there a second time with my mom, mainly by chance. We were at Plaza Singapura and I didn’t feel like having Thai food or Chinese food so poof we ended up eating at Hoshino Coffee.

On a whole, I had a rather bad experience this time, it was dinner time so of course service was slow, but seeing as Hoshino already had slow service to begin with, it obviously got worse. But kudos to the manager for being very alert and keeping the place going. They also replaced some of the male staff with female staff, they were quite nice ad polite but it was rather evident that they had little to no training as they were rather awkward in their service and slipped up often. We pressed the button to call for service but no one came and or a waitress who saw us put up our hand told us to hold and never came back.

But really I’m not here to talk about their staffing and management tendencies, I’m here to talk about their food.

This time, I decided to save myself 7 bucks, avoid disappointment and skipped the milk tea. Instead I had their famous Fuwa Fuwa (Japanese for Fluffy) souffle. Yes both the main course souffle and the dessert souffle.

Lets start with the main course souffle then!

2012-12-16 20.25.10

There really is no better adjective to describe this besides FUWA FUWA!!! It really is ふわふわ~~, as in fluffy doesn’t even do it justice. Texture wise, if we can eat fluffy clouds, that’s exactly what it’d feel like in your mouth, like clouds. This, coupled with the crust just made it amazing.

And I really wished that it stayed amazing. The problem with this dish is that there’s just TOO MUCH souffle. After you get past the top layer, you realize that there’s a lower layer of more souffle mix but without the crust, so it’s just really hot frothy egg mixture…they still taste like clouds alright but because there’s so much souffle mix, this batch of clouds are more watery and becomes a chore to eat. You literally feel like you’re swallowing too much air and without a crunchy texture to offset the ‘fluffiness’ it stops being very palatable after a while.

In my hunger, I conquered the souffle topping and managed to get to the goodies at the bottom, which I’m happy to say was a happy contrast to the slightly tasteless souffle. Below the cloud concoction is baked rice, steeped in, once again, butter (I’m beginning to think that this is Hoshino’s signature) that is robust in flavor. It’s a nice baked rice, and thankfully not huge in portion because if it was, it’d be too strong and rich to finish. The baked rice consists of some sort of light tomato sauce, loads of butter and salt, some mushrooms and ham. If you like rich unhealthy food, this baked rice is for you. The baked rice really is quite tasty, not to mention pipping hot, but it’s nothing awe-inspiring. On the bright side, it does compensate and balance out the blandness of the souffle, so the combination obviously works. I guess the only problem with this dish is that they really overdose on the souffle, which though fluffy, gets really sickening after a while.

On a side note, the huge dose of souffle makes this dish look far bigger than it is, which makes it slightly intimidating, but rest assured, it really is for 1 person.

After the souffle main course, it’s DESSERT TIME!

Right so I should probably apologize in advance that because of all the time it took for them to serve my dessert that made me really irritable, I forgot to take a photo of the vanilla souffle…BUT you can always find photos of it on google so uh…if you need some visual aid about the vanilla souffle, google it.

So, does the vanilla souffle live up to the amazing legacy the chocolate cake left behind?




Sadly, this souffle fell flat on its face.

Lets start with the good parts, the souffle is generous in portion, you can definitely share this with another person. And staying true to Hoshino fashion, it was fuwa fuwa like clouds and melts in your mouth.

Unfortunately, texture can never compensate for taste and this souffle just tastes awful.

No it’s not overwhelmingly sweet, in fact they got the sweetness just right.

I almost wish that they added more sugar if it will cover the disgusting eggy taste of the souffle.

I’ve never made souffle so I have no idea how people take out the egginess of it but with all the souffles I’ve eaten, I’m quite sure that you’re NOT SUPPOSED to taste in-your-face EGGG when you have a dessert souffle. I don’t know why the main course souffle didn’t have this problem but EGGY is the only adjective that comes to mind when you eat this souffle.

Needless to say, a sweet eggy concoction is just disturbing, like how sweet steamed eggs are disturbing. I managed to get through all of it with the help of my mom but UGH…I needed lots of water to drown out the sheer oily egginess of it all.

Needless to say I won’t be returning for this souffle, like EVER. It made that shoddy milk tea seem almost decent in comparison.

All in all, I still say that Hoshino is a decent place for dates and a quick coffe/tea, they do have a few decent dishes (like the curry rice and chocolate cake) and I’m guessing that their coffee is quite good (I don’t drink coffee so I can’t comment), the environment is pleasing…it gets a 6/10 from me for now after its souffle disaster. I’ll make one last trip down to try their souffle pancake, and if they fail that then and only then will I declare that place a lost cause.

Hoshino Coffee Part 2!

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