I’m sick…

I’m sick, and no I don’t mean mentally. Well perhaps I’ve always been mentally sick too but I’ll just set that aside for today.

So my dear bloggy why am I here talking to you?

Mainly because I’m so bogged down by my cold to do anything more physically strenuous.

Being sick sucks….well I don’t need to say it,everyone knows it sucks to be sick but I’ll rant about it anyway.

Currently it hurts to drink, eat, talk and breathe…which is also why I’m talking to my blog because it doesn’t require actual talking.

Back to being sick…I have a cold, I feel cold, my head weighs a ton, my throat is killing me and the WORST part is, I am hungry.

You know how most sick people have someone to take care of them?

Well I don’t, apparently the members of my family find it perfectly acceptable for a person who has to drag their feet to the kitchen just for water to stay home alone while their sick and ooo even NOT BRING BACK FOOD.

The few days I wish I was in New York…because food delivery in Singapore only includes all the shit that I can’t and shouldn’t eat, aka fast food. I need soup. Warm soup, healthy soup…HELL I’ll even settle for canned soup. But I have none, which means I must drag my sorry feet out to get myself some food so at least I have energy to battle the virus in me!

I honestly wish I feel as energetic as I sound right now on my blog…being sick sucks but being alone when you’re sick sucks even more..


I’m sick…

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