Musings on Marvel

Please read the foreword to this before continuing reading. ^-^V 

2012 is like the year of Marvel, with Avengers and Batman and what not running everywhere. Apparently we all haven’t outgrown super heroes yet, at least there haven’t been any incidents of any kids jumping out windows trying to fly..oh wait Superman wasn’t in any of those movies. Right.

If you’re a (fellow) Marvel fan then you’ll know that the movie makers are taking liberties, MANY liberties with the characters and the Marvel verse. Some Marvel fans, unlike me, have a problem with that. Look I understand how frustrating it is to have the Phoenix force mutate into some personality disorder of Jean Grey instead of the awesome cosmic entity it actually is, but lets face it, the Marvel Universe is a huge ass mind fuck machine, at least to non-fans it is. And with so few Marvel fans out there in this world (compared to the number of non-marvel fans), how are the movie makers going to cram 73 years of Marvel Universe history into a 2 hour movie?

One of the many reasons why Marvel Fans are a minority in this big world (once again I say that is IN COMPARISON TO THE WORLD POPULATION) is because the Marvel Universe is too damn complicated, it’s like women logic but worse. It runs on a sliding timescale, has multiple alternate dimensions, timelines and universes that are all somehow interlinked! It’s not exactly something you can just run to the comic store, pick up and random copy and start picking up on. Which is why movie makers, whom after reading through all those Marvel comics must dumb down everything they’ve read and start from scratch with the characters except for their costumes..which they also take liberties on.

Basically, in order for movie makers to impress upon the sheer awesomness of Marvel heroes onto the general population, they need to stick all of them through a Hollywood cookie cutter. But really, what’s so bad about that? Yes the ORIGINAL Wolverine will always be a gazillion times better but heck people, Marvel itself has a gazillion alternate versions of each hero, so why bother making a fuss with another for the ‘movie universe’? Can’t you just think of it as an alternate dimension and leave it at that? We should just be glad that Marvel characters are now getting recognized by more and more people instead of dying out. That little kids who probably will never pick up a Marvel comic because of Facebook and 9gag will still have proper super hero role/super villain models to look up to!

And if all that doesn’t convince you then let me put it this way. MARVEL THE COMPANY ITSELF ISN’T COMPLAINING ABOUT THESE CHANGES, SO SHUT UP! If the authors of the comics are okay with it what are you screaming about right? Marvel is doing something smart, they’ll never earn as without all these movie ADAPTATIONS and Captain America, Spiderman, Iron Man, Hulk etc. will all just end up as ‘uncool’ retro old school comic heroes that our parents used to read. That would be SO MUCH worse than just Nick Fury becoming a black guy. Just saying.

Musings on Marvel

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