Musings: Afterword

It’s okay you don’t have to read this if you don’t want to.

Yes I know it’s supposed to be called epilogue but heck this isn’t a novel and there is no plot to speak of so what am I supposed to be tying loose ends of? Me? My life? My brain? I’ll let you know about those loose ends when I’m dead. Great now I’ve just tasked myself with addressing my readers in my will…more work….why do I do this to myself!!!??? *bangs head against window*


You’ve come this far, just finish this damn thing and read it to the end! Have some PERSEVERENCE!

Glad I caught you before you decided to quit on me halfway. To all my future readers (as you know this isn’t published as I am writing it), thank you in advance for reading. I won’t thank you for your support because I’m not writing this for you to support me or my book, I’m writing this for my amusement and your amusement (and grief if I’ve caused any =P). I hope I have entertained you through my nonsensical ramblings, please don’t take them too seriously, I’m not responsible for your high blood pressure if you disagree (violently) with me in any way.

So what do people usually write in afterwords? I don’t really know because I don’t actually read them in books (HYPROCRISM WOOHOO!). Ah Well, my book my rules. Lets see, this book was first started in Australia in 2010 sometime in August if memory serves me right, in a serviced apartment in the middle of the night (1, 2 am, the usual time where I am most awake), plagued by life. Magically, it’s reached completion today (26th August 2012, 9.30AM Singapore time), also in August. So I guess this whole thing took 2 years, which means you guys have been reading what my brain has been conjuring at random moments for the past 24 months…okay now I feel like I’ve just let people take a long walk in my brain and it feels disturbing…

I’d just like to point out that this was finished on the plane, as with many other musings and I actually made conscious effort to finish this in the air because…I don’t know, flying in the sky is magical and significant for me, so to end this on a meaningful note means a lot to me. Yes, I am one of those sentimental bastards. Another sentiment you may or may not have noticed (depending on whether or not I number these musings) is that there are 99 musings, why 99? Why not 100? I like the number 9, it happens to be my birthday, (September 9, 99, get it?) so it’s meaningful to me! Oh and actually why I finished this in August is because in September I’d be 20 and in my humble opinion not a teen anymore.

But meh, I’m a kid at heart, always will be, so it’s really just a technicality.

So will I ever do a continuation of this? I don’t know but most probably not because this is called random musings to teenage life and as I’m not going to be teenage for very long I can’t really write a continuation of this in uh…less than 2 weeks. This damn thing took TWO YEARS! Hey don’t give me that “you’re just lazy” look, QUALITY MUSINGS take time! Besides my brain has a brain of its own, I can’t order it to muse, all I do is type out what it muses. Yes , being bossed around by my own brain, the shame, oh the shame. Though this doesn’t mean I won’t write other things anymore (yea right, like I will ever be able to write anything more serious than musings >-<), but to be frank, I’m one of those people who’ve tried something once and most probably won’t do it again. Writing isn’t my passion, I’m not aiming to be a writer, which is also why I got this far writing this, I haven’t got any stress about standards, as long as I had fun writing and reading this I’m happy. Yes HAPPINESS IS OF UTMOST IMPORTANCE.

So in the name of bwebwism and sustainable happiness, lets for the last time WRIGGLE OUR BUTTS, one time for each musing so that’s 99 TIMES! (3 minutes later, YES I ACTUALLY DID THIS ON THE PLANE, 99 TIMES and praying no one stares at me weirdly). Thank you for wriggling your butts with me, it’s been fun. Stay happy, humorous and mildly cynical. Please don’t send me anything, I don’t want to know what you think about me or my musings. If you feel like sharing your brain, START YOUR OWN MUSINGS! And this time I’ll be the one to read it, if I can be bothered.

With love, gratitude, hypocrisy, hyperness and eternal immaturity, Chocomon.

PS.: on a more serious note, I do hope I made your problems and life seem more entertaining, even if it’s in a cynical, sadistic sort of way.

Musings: Afterword

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