Musings on singers

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People look at singers more like an item, or a product rather than a person. It sounds sad and inhumane but there is some truth to that. Singers, or rather musicians, embody the music that they are performing. At that very moment, when they are singing, or playing, they aren’t people, they are music.

A human voice isn’t a human voice, it’s an instrument in a song, its job is to convey the meaning of that song, the singer’s face, body, outfit, very being is not himself or herself but a physical representation of the idea that the song is about. Which is why singers sometimes dress in such weird outfits (cough meat dress cough), have such weird hand gestures and dance weird dances. You’re representing a SONG, aka a form or art, last I checked, most art don’t exactly qualify for the sanity or logic award.

But as selfless as singers are in music, they are also in the zenith of their individuality. Because when a singer sings a song, even more so for the ones they write, they are drawing on their own life experiences, emotions and memories and passing them on in the form of music to the audience. Every word, every note, every action represents that one memory which the song wants to convey. Alas, music is one of the ultimate forms of self-expression.

Which makes me wonder why we give a damn about someone else’s self-expression, seeing as how humans are all so self-centred and likes being the protagonist of their own sob stories (admit it, we are all like that and there is no shame in admitting that you’re selfish). Perhaps because we can relate to the experience/emotion/feeling the song seeks to convey? It’s like having a friend who can relate to your problem without all the downsides of an actual friend, such as having to comfort them as they bitch about their sad stories and pretend you actually care. Music is like a companion whom lets you drown in your own sorrow, or happiness, without butting into your thoughts, it’s just there, supporting you, relating to you and your feelings.

This is probably why people get so attached to singers, because singers represent the song(s) the people relate to, so we automatically form an attachment to that person even when they are in their moments of being human instead of music. We feel like we’ve made a friend, a companion, someone who understands us, out of that singer because we share all these common experiences that only we can sympathize with. Yet ironically we don’t truly know the singer as a person, just their songs and their moments as music. Fans are just people who can only befriend the singer when they are music and not when they are people. In the same way, some people are willing to give up their personal life to become singers because they want to share themselves with more people and befriend more people, because music can take away loneliness and provide companionship in a way that no living being can.

Music is a religion, a friend, an experience, a feeling, an idea, a story and a slice of life.

Musings on singers

One thought on “Musings on singers

  1. it’s me again. I feel like a creeper leaving 2 comments in a few minutes when I just met your blog. but. this is something I’d been pondering recently and your thoughts on the matter are pretty much spot on, except that you missed out the public image that many singers/musicians have in addition to their music, like ‘behind the scenes’ videos which aim to showcase a carefully curated persona.

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