Musings on gundam

Please read the foreword to this before continuing reading. No, you will not pass this point without clicking that blue link, CLICK IT. Good. 

Though I’m a huge anime otaku, gundam and most mecha anime really, aren’t on top list of animes to watch. I’ve only ever followed one gundam, that’s gundam wing, so my dear friend, be grateful that I’m watching Gundam unicorn because you asked me to.

How did I find the anime? Well, less than 10minutes into the anime, the only thing I find myself awing about is “Oh that’s a lot of space trash they’re creating” and “Who cleans up all the debris and mobile suit carcasses?”

Yea I know, not something I should be musing about in the middle of a supposedly epic anime but I REALLY WANT TO KNOW! Do enemy factions clean them up for each other or does each faction have like its own clean up truck? Or is there like a company that makes money from cleaning up space junk from gundam battles? If there isn’t, they should make one because it looks like it’ll make a whole lot of money. And why do I ask this question? Because almost every battle happens on a clean spot of space! And I mean at the rate these guys are fighting, space should be littered with mecha remains but nooo it’s all sparkly clean! So someone must have picked it up! I mean yes space is HUGE but considering that the humans probably only frequent certain routes anyways, the battlegrounds are obviously limited and often repeated which means THERE HAS TO BE A SPACE JANITOR!

And in the words of a wise friend of mine, “It’s a freaking ANIME, stop thinking and just watch!”

But but but…I CAN’T KEEP WATCHING UNTIL I’VE FIGURED THIS OUT! Okay so I can, but I’ll spend every minute wondering if a clean-up shuttle will appear and blue janitor looking mobile suits will start picking up dead mobile suit trash, oh and probably dead bodies of the pilots too, actually yea, clean up is damn important because in space bodies won’t rot, they’ll just kind of…stay that way like Macdonalds fries and if they don’t get cleaned up there’ll be dead bodies everywhere…that just CAN’T be convenient for setting up satellites.

And people wonder why I avoid mecha animes. (You see in fantasy animes, all unexplained things can be lumped under the umbrella of ‘Magic mumbo jumbo that just MAGICALLY works.”)

Musings on gundam

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