Musings on Camu Camu Ume

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I have many loves, food wise, but when it comes to candy I swear to god, my favourite has to be CAMU CAMU UME! Aka chewy plum candy. Mentos is good and all and so are jelly beans but honestly plum makes for the best candy flavor, it’s sweet and sour and slightly salty and it doesn’t make you feel sick after you’ve had too many. Before meals it’s a great appetizer, after meals it cleans your palette.

Sadly most plum candies are HARD, made with plum extract. NOT CAMU CAMU UME!! THEY ARE SPECIAL! Think chewy candy but with plum juice AND plum powder rolled into it, it’s perfectly reddish pink with dots of the plum powder so you know it’s the real deal. AND it’s made with locally (by that I mean Japan) plums. I can’t tell you how awesome it is except I’m currently trying to figure out how much Camu Camu Ume will constitute a year’s supply for me because, I WANT TO EAT IT EVERYDAY AND THEY DON’T SELL IT IN SINGAPORE!!!

Yes my dear readers, this wonderful godlike candy is not available in the island country I live in but in the island country that I DON’T live in. It’s like god hates me. Now we all know that Japan is like home to everything I love to eat but this is just so much worst. If it’s some kind of food, like Ramen or steak or a proper DISH, I can at least try to make it. But this, my dearest is a CANDY. As in artificially created, through the use of machinery and chemistry, all of which I lack, AKA, I can’t even TRY to reproduce it! See why this is so devastating now?

BUT I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED! I WILL GO TO THE NEAREST DAISO AND ASK THEM TO IMPORT THIS CANDY! Or I can just order them online for an insane 50 bucks per bottle including shipping (rip off much, it’s like 1 dollar a pack in japan, 1 FREAKING DOLLAR!). Actually these days, I’m starting to think that I should just move to Japan so I can eat this everyday. Yes everyone, you’ve just witness me admit that it’s not Disney, not the fluffy pancake waffles at Shibuya 109, not the milk tea but CAMU CAMU UME that is making me seriously consider moving to live in Japan. Sometimes I think I have strange priorities in life…BUT IT’S CAMU CAMU UME DAMMIT!

Musings on Camu Camu Ume

6 thoughts on “Musings on Camu Camu Ume

  1. Ray Faye says:

    If you go thru Narita airport, there is a shop, Cafe Leo, in the dead end concourse, International Terminal, gates 43-44. They have the big plastic jars of the CamuCamuUme, and the grape and lemon. Lots of them, at 300yen each (as of March 2013. The guy who sells them, as mentioned in comments, only sells the smaller pocket sized packages and won’t stock the big ones. I bought 6000 yen of the candies as they make great gifts.

  2. Ray Faye says:

    I forgot to add that I’m so crazy about these ume candies that when I fly from USA anywhere in the “far east” (what is that designation about? –or is “Asia” better?) I try to have the flight be delayed at least 2 hours in Narita. Not only the CamuCamu, but great massage chairs 20yen for 10 minutes, and if the flight delay is long, there are beds/shower right in the terminal, , not cheap, but not too expensive considering it can really be nice if the next leg of the flight is another long haul. Also great to look at the newest funky electronics at Akihabara store there. And the “Cafe Leo” at gates 43-44 has by far the most reasonably priced hot food in the whole terminal, unless you want to test your stomach and flying with McDonalds so call food….

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