Musings on Zombie Apocalypse

Please read the foreword to this before continuing reading. I shall have faith in humanity today and assume you’ve read it!

For some reason, as we approach the 22nd century and become an increasingly more tech-ed up society, instead of becoming more concerned about global warming (to be fair we can do shit about that), real life Matrix happening, we are hyping about a zombie apocalypse.

Just some completely useless information for your reference, I don’t like zombie movies, never have never will. What is the likelihood of mankind becoming zombies!? Really? That’s less likely than us getting a replicator in the distant future! Hell, vampires are more likely. Actually, I’d like to rant about zombies for a bit. So zombies are a kind of undead, they’re basically dead people revived without soul of conscience and eat people, or so I’ve been told. So Zombies are walking corpses…I can’t begin to explain to you how this is scientifically impossible, if we are dead, our brain is dead and our motor functions will not work. Thing is zombies are DEAD, however all these zombie apocalypse scenario deal with alive human infected by stupid viruses and regressing to some primal, aggressive state. THEY ARE NOT DEAD. Which means they’re not zombies! So the whole zombie apocalypse thing is unjustified.

Though for the sake of ranting, let me humor the idea a little. My vision of a zombie apocalypse does not involve any biological warfare, mutated diseases or heck supernatural causes. It’s just us humans, totally zombified from overworking. Don’t face fault on me just yet. You know I’m right! How many of you wake up every morning feeling like a living zombie? (pardon the oxymoron) So many of us, students or office workers and god knows what occupation you are spend nearly all our waking moments working and our sleeping moments STILL working. Sure we do go out shopping, eating and drinking on that occasional weekend but even that’s at the cost of our sleeping time. As I’ve said a thousand times before, the next generation is going to die young because we work too much, sleep too little and eat poorly.

I can safely foresee in the distant future that because everyone is somehow being forced into sleeping 3-4 hours a day and slaving their ass off all the time that eventually we are in a zombified state 24/7 until we have the whole population that are all zombies. If you’ve ever been in zombie mode, you know that you basically run on autopilot, you eat, you work and ignore all human contact except to chew people’s head off. What happened to the kids you say? Well the ones old enough will probably end up just like us because school think it’s better to start making kids live like working adults early on and the ones too young will die off because no one is capable of taking care of them. I don’t know, this version jus seems more plausible than teethbaring monsters. Really the zombies of Hollywood are just too energetic to be real. You are a WALKING CORPSE, how vivacious can you be!?

Musings on Zombie Apocalypse

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