Musings on teenage angst

Please read the foreword to this before continuing reading. I shall have faith in humanity today and assume you’ve read it!

I look upon teenage angst with fond memories. Probably cause I wasn’t really very angsty…though technically I’m still a teen. We all suffer bouts of teenage angst, and whilst old people (aka psychologists and whatnot) have fancy explanations for them or regulate them as a ‘phase’ or some weird shit or another, I happen to think that teenage angst is just like angst at any age, a natural reaction to a messed up world.

You can call it ‘teenage angst’, but really angst is angst, age is irrelevant. And the reason anyone angsts is because life throws crap at you. In fact people below teenage years have angsty moments too, people just don’t bother labeling those moments. Why is teenage years such a prominent time to angst? Has anyone thought about perhaps it’s just that kids have finally grown up enough to see how shitty life can be and so they start emoing/despairing over it?

And in line with that thought, as…twisted as it may sound, to finally be mature enough to not just see, but also feel and understand how terrible the world is actually somewhat exhilarating. It’s like stepping into a whole new world and putting on grown up shoes. Putting on heels for the first time is an exciting experience, it’s also as painful as it is exciting and that’s exactly how teenage angst operates. It is a sign that we are officially growing up and becoming mature mentally. (Which explains why tweens can be angsty too, it’s all about the maturity of the mind). It takes a while for all that angst to become acceptance and appreciation hence the whole phase, but we never truly grow out of angst.

Bars and clubs, alcohol and cigarettes still have a mass market because people still angst, they just do it differently, instead of listening to Simple Plan and screaming at people for screwing up their life or cutting themselves for fun, we instead legally consume harmful substances. After all, I don’t think we will ever be able to take all the ridiculous neon rainbow colored crap that life seems to pull out of nowhere and throw at us without freaking out and stressing about it at some point or another. And lets all just admit it, we LIKE being angsty. It’s an INDULGENCE. It makes you feel safe, all that hate is a great protective mechanism. You don’t have to be responsible for anything when you angst, you don’t have to solve anything and you don’t have to do anything. It’s like of like being depressed except when you’re depressed you can’t hurt people or get back at people but when you angst you can rage hell, which makes it a slight level above emoing for me.

Misery loves company, if my life is going to be hell, then yours should too. (Ironically, when someone is depressed they don’t feel any better if another person’s life is crap too, see why angst is just so much more superior to emoness?)

Musings on teenage angst

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