Musings on productivity

Please read the foreword to this before continuing reading. I shall have faith in humanity today and assume you’ve read it!

I think I said somewhere in one of the musings that one day our generation will start dropping like flies because we’ve ruined our health beyond repair by overworking in our youths. I am pretty much nocturnal and almost chronic insomniac but even a workaholic like myself knows that at some point, slacking is the most productive thing to do.

We are getting more and more deluded in the concept of perceived productivity. We think working overtime, sacrificing sleep to work is being productive. I say that is complete and utter bullshit. If you don’t sleep before a math exam, no matter how hard you studied, you will do something stupid like press multiply instead of plus on the calculator and screw up a 20 mark question. The same applies to other stuff in life. I know, working, regardless of how trivial the work or how crappy the quality of work is makes you seem productive, but at the end of the day, you want to do GOOD work, not ghastly work.

NOT RESTING=SHITTY RESULTS. You have less energy therefore you are less focused, less sharp, less aware and you brain functions slower, in conclusion you are less efficient and thus less productive. Really, those of you who take pride in working overtime, think about it like this. You’re so bloody inefficient that you can’t finish the given workload within the allocated time so you have to stay over time to finish it. That doesn’t seem very productive to me.

Workaholics, REST. I know resting makes you restless, but that’s the point. By the time you have enough energy to be restless means you are energized for work then. At that point you will work twice as fast and twice as hard (since you slacked off and the procrastination+guilt is bound to drive you to a new level of productivity). The only time I agree with someone NOT resting is anyone working on something that is directly linked to a sudden inspiration. Unfortunately, inspiration runs away, so you really gotta work with it until you drop dead, but even then, get the gist of your inspiration out and fine tune it later. Perfection cannot and will not be created when you are functioning on half a dried up mind and body.

Here are the very real consequences of NOT resting. You will fall ill, you will feel emo, you will snap, you will fall asleep on the job, you will make people around you feel like crap, you will make tons of mistake and you WILL end up FAILING and NOT FINISHING your work because your body WILL go on strike eventually. Real responsibility and productivity is taking care of yourself so you’ll always be in you top condition to be at your most efficient.

Yes, I just justified slacking to be productive. All ya laze peeps out there, REJOICE! (and feel free to worship me for 2 seconds! =P)

Musings on productivity

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