Musings on being different

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Humans are such a cute dilemma. We want to be different but we want to find people who are like us. We like to belong basically, but belonging usually stems from having something in common. So what to do?

On one hand we try to change ourselves to be like someone else, on the other hand we strive so hard to be different. Yea, sometimes it makes you wonder why we try so hard to make ourselves miserable…maybe all humans are born masochists…anyways back to the point. As I’ve said many times before, it’s important to love yourself and just be happy. I don’t know, being happy just makes the world a better place…why do you want to be miserable if you can be happy? O.o

So in order to be happy, I find that accepting that you are an INDIVIDUAL who is different from everyone else is a good place to start. I am not denying we need to belong, but forcing yourself to be the same as someone else just raises the ugly head of something called a rebellious streak…you don’t want that…well you COULD but that just means you want to be different in the first place so…why not just BE DIFFERENT to begin with right?
I’ve come to realize that radically different people tend to have close and sustainable relationships than people who are extremely similar. Oh yes they don’t get along very well…but they will hang around each other for many many years to come. My bestie and I are very different…she is a science person, I’m an arts person. She believes in passive aggressiveness, I believe in aggressiveness. I plan my life to the utmost detail, she…not so much. But we get along. I would say many great teams and combos are formed by people who are very different from each other. Ironically these people are so different that they are similar. Doesn’t make sense?

There are so many different types of success, but all successful people have something in common that they are successful. Unique people are all just…unique, but they are united in that fact that they are unique. And that’s how it is. The WAY that Jonny Depp and Tim Burton are weird aren’t the same, THEY aren’t the same, one is an actor the other is a director. But they make a great pair because they are united in being different, in being weird.
So lets all stop being masochists and embrace our individuality, enjoy being different from other people, take pride in it, feel comfortable in your own skin and find belonging in people who like to find belonging in other people who enjoy being their own person as well.

We are united in our differences.

Musings on being different

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