Musings on travelling

Please read the foreword to this before continuing reading. But I know most of you won’t…T.T

Travelling is great, it’s popular, it takes you places, brings you new experiences…short of shoddily planned trips I don’t really have much to bitch about traveling (how amazing is that?). But don’t really means there is STILL something.


And I’m not talking about bad food or food poisoning, food culture shock and all that shit. Nope, my problem with travelling is the GOOD FOOD. What’s the problem with it? IT’S TOO GOOD! THAT’S WHAT! How is that a problem? Technically it isn’t a problem, at least not until you return home FROM your travels. You see the thing about most food is that they aren’t exactly portable. They’re perishable and some won’t even survive the plane ride or customs, especially restaurant take aways. So if you find this awesomely wonderfully totally delicious food somewhere when you are abroad, there is practically nothing you can do to satisfy that craving when you are back home. And do you know how EVIL it is to suffer from a sea salt caramel donut craving for AN ENTIRE YEAR! Too evil, just too evil.

Yes, we have delivery, but not everything is deliverable! Or if they are they aren’t available for delivery! Now multiply these delicious little devils for every place you’ve travelled to…I swear to God I’m unstable half the time because I’m having food withdrawal symptoms.


Musings on travelling

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