Musings on hair

Please read the foreword to this before continuing reading. Wriggling onto the actual post now…

I’ve been the proud owner of long hair for…18 years of my life? And now…I’m not. Ahem, yes after 18 years of having bloody straight long hair I decided I should chop it all off. And part of my defending argument is that it’s easy to take care of.

Really it literally HALVES your showering time, gives you an excuse to not buy a comb (or throw them away if you have them) and well…not do anything when you wake up except shake your head to make your hair messier.

There is this ONE little thing about my short hair…it needs wax. Like hair wax. Or hair spray but I’m a wax person. It used to take me 1 minute to get ready (in terms of my hair), brush and done. Now I need to style, check, style, finish and fix my hair every 5 minute as I walk…

Well…of course the whole point of my argument is that SUREE styling short hair is a bitch more so than long hair but you don’t HAVE to do it unless you WANT to and since braiding your hair (which I can’t do) into some intricate style probably takes longer…my argument stands. Though yea, just pointing out the damn irony.

When I had long hair all I needed was a blow dryer, a brush and hair ties. Now that I have short hair I need a blow dryer, 3 tubs of hair wax (cause I have one for every bag…), a phone (THEY DOUBLE AS MIRRORS) and the occasional comb. Oh that and styling my hair=having to wash it the same day (of course you COULD argue that I could just go to bed with wax in my hair, but my pillow will probably revolt so…) so…who knew short hair could give long hair a run in being troublesome. Or maybe it’s just me.

Bottom line?

My dear guy friends. I STILL take less time to get ready than you even when I have to style my hair JUST LIKE YOU DO. Bleh~(Ok so on the unfair side, I don’t actually style my hair much..if at all, but even when I DO…YOU GUYS TAKE TOO DAMN LONG!)

Musings on hair

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