Musings on Success

Please read the foreword to this before continuing reading.YOU DIDN’T READ IT DID YOU! hmph! 

Asians believe in success through sacrifice, westerners believe in success through hard work. Is there a difference? Yes there is.
Who has gotten it right though? Seeing as Forbes has named almost the entire world’s richest to be westerners, I’d say that we Asians have some serious reflecting to do. Like, majorly.

Here is your typical Asian successful businessman, he hoards his money, spends all his time flying around attending business meetings after business meetings, golf games after golf games, he’s home for 24 hours a month, spends negligible amount of time with his family, who chances are works in his huge enterprise and calls their father by his job appellation rather than ‘dad’. He’s probably bold by 35, 40 if he’s lucky, with grey hairs before he’s even 50 and justifies himself by leaving his family with a fortune and mansions with maintenance fees to match, if he feels gracious that is. Or he just might want to die a philanthropist and redeem himself socially, you never know.

Here is your typical western successful businessman, he spends as much as some country’s people’s tax money combined, but he earns just as much if not more. He flies around on a daily basis and brings his family with him. On the rare occasion he splurges on expensive holidays for his families, he’s actually home during major holidays and if possible cancels meetings to attend that all important little league soccer game. He’s probably got a good beer belly going on, balding because western men just bald easily and whilst the rest of his countrymen figure out how to pay for their kids’ college, he’s either lined up his business to be inherited by his son so he can retire by 70 or dumped a sum on his kid so they can start their own business and leave his bank account alone. And oh yes, he’s publicity advisor probably started some philanthropic endeavor along the way, he probably signs the papers without looking anyways.

Am I being completely and entirely biased+stereotypical? Yes I am, how else can I prove my point? Sure these examples are exaggerated, but I mean lets compare Donald Trump to any of Asia’s richest. And you see how I don’t know the same of said rich Asians not because they aren’t as rich but because they’re so low profile and not seen or heard! We know Donald Trump, Kimora Lee Simmons etc. cause they do reality TV, I’m not saying rich people have to (because we all know Bill Gates don’t), but face it successful western people actually HAVE a life in some way and as such we are able to see/watch/read about them from some media. KEY WORD: HAVE A LIFE. I mean, look at the facebook dude, he’s got a movie made after him and we all know you can’t make a movie out of someone who has no life unless one is being forced upon him/her. The only movies of ‘successful Asians’ we have are of politicians and honestly it’s not so much the guy than the politics that makes the movie.

Since we’re on the topic of successful people and media lets do a quick comparison shall we? The content of media involving successful western people is either reality TV or a biography of their life. It talks about their family, their work, their relationships, their vacations…their daily LIFE. Even when it’s a movie about their success it talks about how the family supported them, how everyone struggled together as a family to achieve the goal, how the ‘protagonist’ lost himself through work and found it again with help from friends and family and usually ends up with him/her HAPPY and FULFILLED or at least on a emotional/spiritual level at peace. What do we see from movies about successful Asian people? How ‘admirable’ they are sacrificing this and that to achieve success, sacrificing their family, their relationships, their time, their health; oh yes, that is SUCH a RESPECTFUL model for success. -_-lll I don’t see why anyone would think they’re great. They gave up a lot to get to where they are…I mean…HOW IS THAT ADMIRABLE!? O.O Because willingly giving up things and people around you and in your life for something as superficial as monetary success or hell even SUCCESS and FAME or ACHIEVEMNT won’t make you or anyone else around you happy. No one is thanking you for giving up so much, so one is ASKING you to, you’re doing it yourself, feeling bad for yourself and being miserably successful…how is that good?

The whole point of being successful is because it makes you satisfied/content/happy etc. you know like POSITIVE! So why would you want to be successful if you’re not happy? You can’t enjoy success if you’re sad. At least if you’re a poor asshole at least you have a GOOD reason to be sad and you can at LEAST bitch about unfairness in life and all that shit. If you’re successful and miserable, you’re either a bloody ungrateful BRAT or you’re a self-serving bastard who deserves it cause you had a choice to not go the ‘holy self-sacrificing’ way. You want to know why success is hard work? Because balance family, work and fun together is HARD. Dumping everything and just pouring your life into work….it’s tough but it aint hard, how hard can something get if that’s the only damn thing you need to do? So yes, I have no fucking idea why all these rich “SUCESSFUL” Asians are oh so proud. What the hell do you have to be proud of? That you exchanged everything in life for your commercial success? Well I feel sorry for you that you think happiness and life is only worth that much. Last I checked, happiness is priceless. (Family…not so much, we all know you can adopt kids at a good price =P, and yes I’m just being technical.)

As such if you are a reader of this book, HEED MY LECTURE (aren’t you glad I’m being honest about the fact that I am lecturing you? ^_^) THE DEFINITION OF SUCCESS IS ACHIEVEMNT IN YOUR CAREER AND IN YOUR PERSONAL LIFE. You are only successful if you are happy. So you can say that if you are happy you are successful. Seriously, you have NO IDEA how hard it is to be genuinely happy for a undetermined period of time in this century. So guy it’s like I always and will always say: BE HAPPY. <-IMPORTANT

P.S.: Do I need to tell you guys again to use this in conjunction with sustainable happiness? I should right? You don’t know what that is? GO READ THE RELEVANT MUSING! And no I won’t tell you what page it’s on because you’re a lazy ass who can’t be bothered to read the book thoroughly. *sticks tongue out*

Musings on Success

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