Musings on physical bodies

Please read the foreword to this before continuing reading.YOU DIDN’T READ IT DID YOU! hmph! 

You know why we have bodies to house our minds?

Our bodies are IMPORTANT as they are well..unimportant?

Ok I know I’m being shit ass confusing as usual. Basically here’s the deal, short of being sick, it’s usually our minds that torture us. We scare ourselves, we stress ourselves, most things that make us uncomfortable are more likely to be emotional or psychological than physical. And so I realized after skipping gym for nearly a month, OUR PHYSICAL BODIES ARE IMPORTANT AS THEY ARE OUR ONLY FORM OF STRESS RELIEF.

Face it; the best way to relieve stress of any sort is to exert yourself physically. I find myself a much more amiable and agreeable person when I gymmed 3 times a week. My reason? Trust me, after 1 hour of lifting weights your muscles aren’t supposed to be able to hold up, you will have no bloody energy left in you to be angry, annoyed or pissed off. And if you do, it’ll definitely be targeted at the nearest weights/machines or your coach, or all of them. You’d be too caught up in trying your best to not crawl back to the changing room to even feel bothered by any other stupid shit. SERIOUS!
Think about it. When you’re pissed we get violent, you either yell or punch or do something PHYSICALLY destructive. You don’t try to THINK something to death when you’re angry do you? Well you do and you end up getting angrier until you finally lose it and find something to take your frustrations out on, physically. See what I mean? And even people who drink to get over their problems, or those who do drugs (I’m promoting neither, just so you know), it’s also a form of PHSYICAL PUNISHMENT to oneself to relief our MENTAL stress.

So by being..unimportant as in thoroughly abusable (you realize that all our stress relieving methods are actually self-abuse? Punching walls, hitting stuff, physical exertion, crying, drinking, drugs etc.) our bodies exist to make sure we stay sane.
Wow, I can’t believe I just rationalized why we have bodies. But it makes sense nyaa?

On a completely random note: “Our present selves are actually the past selves of our future selves, so essentially our past selves are our present selves and our present selves are our future selves, and since our future selves all ultimately inevitably die, doesn’t that mean we should actually be nicer to our past selves? Yet our present selves torture our past selves and live for our future selves; don’t we realize that when we die, all we take with us are our past memories, and because of the way we live, they’re all going to be shit…sometimes, I think we were born to be stupid.”

Musings on physical bodies

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