Musings on lies

Please read the foreword to this before continuing reading.YOU DIDN’T READ IT DID YOU! hmph! 

Here’s a theory for you to chew on (food for thought anyone?), if we stopped lying, the world would fall apart.

Have any of you realized that before we are taught love, honesty and other moral values, we are taught to lie?

“How are you?”

“I’m fine, thank you. And you?”

What if we’re not fine? What do we say then? No one taught us that, no one taught us to be truthful about it, the very first conversation we learn (of course the ‘first’ part is debatable but alas) we were taught to lie. Impressionable little kids were taught to not tell the truth. By dictionary standard that’s a lie. This is how we are brought up and this is the world we live in.

Everyone is a liar, short of new-borns who have yet been taught to speak, or maybe they lie in their own ways we don’t know yet. God knows 9 out of 10 times they cry, it’s probably just ‘practice run’. And a world built by liars can only have lies as building blocks. It sounds horrifying; to know that nothing you know is probably a lie to some degree. But what if we all stopped lying? If we all said what was on our minds? For every ugly person you walk past you’d loudly insult their appearance, for every business meeting and social gathering there were no pleasantries but blunt truths about who is using who, for every election speech there were just undisguised narcissism and self-benefit?

The truth sounds beautiful, on paper, just like every other word does.

Unfortunately mankind came equipped with something called emotions. We lie usually to make people feel better. You don’t tell your friend that her boyfriend is a complete asshole whom she really shouldn’t be with because you don’t want to hurt them, we make pointless, stupid, blatantly FAKE compliments at parties just to not offend anyone; and those who are being lied to knows that these are lies but feel good anyway. And you know something? Happy people are working people, if we stopped lying the world will be filled with lots of unhappy people, and we wouldn’t want that. We have enough of them as it is.

In retrospect guys, is it really a lie if we all know it is a lie? To realize something is a lie means being privy to the truth and if we are all collectively maintaining the same lies that we know are lies, then perhaps the world isn’t as pretentious as we thought it was.

Musings on lies

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