Musings on twister fries

Please read the foreword to this before continuing reading. Pretty please with Royce chocolates on top? 

I personally think they should be called slinky fries because they look more like slinkys than twisters or cyclones or tornadoes! Though probably if you tried to drop them down a flight of staircase they wouldn’t ‘slink’ their way down…they may bounce all the way though, I have absolute faith in the tenacity of MacDonald’s fries, 2 weeks and they still look as fresh as when you first bought them, amazing.

Ahem, so back on track with them slinky fries. What exactly makes them so much awesome than your regular straight fries!!!?? Is it a placebo effect? Because we think slinky fries are tastier so they taste better to us even though they actually taste the same as your regular boring fries, or are they actually made to taste differently!?

To get to the bottom of this mystery, we must compare slinky fries against normal fries in a scientific and logical manner…
But okay, I’m a lazy ass, so I couldn’t be bothered so I’ll conclude with one thing : SLINKY FRIES ARE AWESOME!!

(I later find out that slinky fries DO taste different because of the different seasonings used, which results in a slightly different color from regular fries….go figure..)

Musings on twister fries

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