Musings on grownups

Please read the foreword to this before continuing reading. Thou shalt not pass without reading the foreword!!

What’s worse than little kids trying act like adults are grownups trying to act like adults. It pisses me off like no tomorrow because well, it just rubs me the wrong way and have you been rubbed the wrong way. No? Try it, it’s sooooo…ugh~~~ Yea I can’t even find an adjective for it, so make do with sound effects yea?

Basically the problem lies in this, you ARE an adult, you don’t need to go the extra mile to ACT like you ARE mature because like it or not, at your age you NEED to be mature. The fact that you have to put in the extra effort to BE mature means that you’re immature, because real mature people appreciate their time to be immature.

Don’t you just absolutely hate it when a grownup talks down on you like they’re more experienced and know more about life and god forbid, that they’ve been through more shit? Shit is shit and it doesn’t matter how old you are when you go through it. Besides, you should never wave your sufferings around like a competition trophy, you can be proud of surviving it but it’s not something you should show off. RESPECT MISERY DAMMIT!

Essentially, the worst part about grownupss and their superiority complex is that they don’t bother finding out anything about you, they just automatically assume that they are superior for living longer, never mind that sometimes living longer means that you’ve probably taken less risks in life and led a shelter life, and that you despite being younger could be more experienced or at least more mature than they assume you to be. And as kids it’s ridiculously annoying that we can’t tell these immature grownups to just ‘shut up’. Instead we have to put up with being insulted and annoyed.

The real problem with these adult wannabes however is their innate love for showing off and feeling superior. They feel obliged to show off their ‘maturity’ by lecturing us endlessly and telling us stories about their lives that are usually COMPLETELY unrelated to the topic at hand just to show how amazing they are (much to my annoyance most of the time), which can go on for hours. And even when you agree with their points or show some form of recognition towards their story, they just start getting fuller of themselves or in worst case scenarios, refute your points and then repeat what you said. Talk about frustrating. Grownups trying to be adults have inabilities to listen and comprehend.

For most part, while they annoy the hell out of me and irritate me to the point where I feel the urge to smack some sense into them very literally, I do actually wonder why they become what they are. What is their mindset, why the hell are they so fucked and for the love of Ra and any other gods in this world we live in, HOW THE HELL DO THEY SURVIVE!? Probably maybe because the world is so saturated with grownups of this kind that the society has evolved to accommodate for their incompetence, and or maybe that as you grow up you regress and become more immature? I don’t know and frankly I don’t want to. But I suppose mindset wise there are some decent explanations and I would like to call it overcompensation.

Evidently, subconsciously (or consciously) these grownups know that they are immature incapable, hence to compensate for their lack of confidence, self-pity and what you have it, they feel the need to put people down to make themselves feel better. After all, real adults and mature people don’t need to prove their maturity to anyone, hell people who’ve actually been through things would know to NOT show that you can deal with crap because when you do, people will start dumping all their shit on you and boy is that bad news. Only people who’ve had to go through hard times alone know how to appreciate being taken care of. So grownups trying to act mature evidently are spoon fed and lived too comfortable lives for their own good.

Though probably the most UNCUTE part about grownups trying to act like adults? Well at least little kiddies trying to act mature compensate for their annoyance by being cute and entertaining (hence forgivable), grownups are neither cute nor can you brush them off, hence they are not entertaining in the least and in no way forgivable. So next time grownups, if someone half your age isn’t respecting you, I’m sorry to say, you better reflect if you’re a grownup trying to act like an adult rather than an actual adult, because there is a bloody difference. That and respect is earned, not given, if you’ve done things to earn respect, no reason why you need to act all high and mighty for people to look up to you. Those who do are obviously patronizing you and if you were a real adult, you’d have known that already and not need an 18 year old kid to tell you that.

So my dear grownup friends, how does it feel to be lectured for once?

Musings on grownups

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