Musings on end of the world

Please read the foreword to this before continuing reading. Thou shalt not pass without reading the foreword!!

Alright, so we know that recently Japan’s just had this disastrous earthquake that killed millions of people followed by a ton of other related disasters, some natural, some…not so natural and all over the world there are other disasters happening and people are now screaming that END OF THE WORLD IS COMING!

But really people, don’t you guys think you’re overacting a little? (or maybe try, a lot?) The world isn’t going to end. Even if all the ice-caps melted, or if asteroids crash onto earth or god forbid, the freaking SUN explodes, the world won’t end. Heck, our solar system can cease to exist and the world will STILL continue on with millions of other solar systems in this galaxy and other galaxies in this universe. So bottom line is THE WORLD WON’T END, only HUMANITY will (and other living creatures here with us). And in case you’ve never watched that awesome youtube video about how you’re just a TINY TINY microscopic existence in this universe, we humans don’t constitute much of the world, so get off your high horses and see reality, the world ain’t going to end, it’s just us.

Though that is ALSO not the point. Sure, the Mayan calendar ends in 2012, never mind the fact that people can’t accept the possibility of MAYBE the person who was making the calendar died before he could do more, or maybe he just got tired since YOU CAN ALWAYS MAKE MORE AFTER TIME PASSES? I mean, even right now, do we print year 4438’s calendar in year 2011? No we don’t, I don’t think anyone’s bothered to calculate it, so there if WE don’t bother doing that what makes you think Mayan people who probably had better things to do in life unlike use who are so free that we can surf facebook and titter everyday, have the time to make calendars so far into the future that they don’t need just yet? Please, stop being such drama queens? Well if you really want drama, here’s one for you. The Mayan’s didn’t die, they actually faked history and all went into space and is currently using superhuman technology to cause our disasters and in 2012 they’ll return to take back earth again , so why leave calendars for people who will be following a NEW master plan from them right? -__-lll

Jokes aside however…we’ve talked about end of the world, what we’re going to do if the world is ending but lets face it, short of asteroids, sun’s explosion, not even really really bad bio war-fare can actually wipe out ALL humans on earth in one shot. There will be survivors. So yea sure, we all don’t to die and stuff but if humanity is ending, I’d prefer the quick painless death cause, MAN being the last of mankind to be left just plain SUCKS. It’s one thing if the last of mankind are all the geniuses and scientists, they can probably at least do something about all the leftover infrastructure and rebuild humanity (rather, our society) again. But look at all the reports from disasters! Parents shield their children and normally in families it’s the youngest children who survive. So imagine, WHAT HAPPENS IF THE LAST MANKIND ON EARTH ARE ALL KIDS!! I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be anything like lord of the flies either since probably our world hasn’t got enough wild-life left. That and the little kids these days don’t even know enough about killing and skinning animals to make meals out of each other (pardon the crude example but yea…)

So whilst UN is talking about how to prevent disasters, how to stop global warming and people discussing how the world is going to end, how about some of us ACTUALLY think of something more realistic and functional like HOW TO REBUILD HUAMNITY! I mean yea if we’re going to talk about ‘end of the world’ and crap every other day in the news, at school and at work, perhaps it’s a good idea for all of us to be educated with BASIC knowledge about the basics of HOW to BUILD and CREATE the infrastructure our society is built on? Last time you can count on people knowing how to at least build tents and houses, now? Since we google everything, I swear, the survivors might actually instinctively try to find a way to access google (nvm that internet probably won’t exist) and search for ‘how to repair humanity after end of the world’. Yea sure, prevention is more important that cure but since we all seem to be so bloody sure that the world IS going to end, how about lets plan HOW to get back up from this crisis? Maybe instead of learning about social studies or sex education we should be having ‘Basics of Human society 101, how to rebuild human society’ or better yet, let us follow Disney’s great idea in Wall-e and MAKE A GOD DAMN HAND BOOK on how to rebuild earth/humanity and provide 1 copy to every human on earth in every language (to the best our ability). You know like, Step 1: Survey the left over world and infrastructure. Step 2: Find communication devices and set it up according to instructions on page 45…you know?

Isn’t that a LOT more practical than freaking out? Or are we just all too selfish to be concerned about the future of our own species? Hell, I mean it when I say UN should address this issue, how to help mankind do its best to rebuild itself after ‘end of the world’. Yea it sucks to die when humanity ends but damn, it’s gonna suck so much more to be the survivors and last of mankind. Talk about pressure and expectations man.

Though what happens if afterlife really exists and if we REALLY all died together at the same time, won’t the current society actually be carried over into the afterlife and we effectively just continue living except in spirit form… so we just don’t need food and sleep anymore but society goes on as usual…holy crap I don’t know if that’s good or just plain sad. Our entire lives have just moved on with us….O.o

Musings on end of the world

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