Musings on rationalization

Please read the foreword to this before continuing reading. If you have already read the foreword then read on! 

You know, I don’t know if I should say life is way too fucked up or that I’m doing this right. I’ve been feeling down, in a funk, uninspired, lethargic, emo, what you have it. So I decided, as I did many times before when I was generally down, to list down the reasons why I’m upset (concrete reasons, like ‘I lost my wallet’, ‘friend’s not talking to me’ etc. not stupid stuff like ‘because I don’t feel good.’), I actually managed to list down 10, and I didn’t even try to break them up into smaller reasons, they just kept coming. On one hand, I’m glad to know that my lil funk is justified, on the other hand, I do feel quite sad at the fact that I can actually list down 10 different reasons as to why I’m feeling down (and they’re not even ONE LINERS, it’s like cause and effect of multitude of similar things).

This musing is about rationalization. So if you’re smart, you’d know that what I did is that I rationalized my emoness. By writing it all down, I can read and review if my emoness is justified, or is it all in my head. You can say that this is unhealthy, because I’m aliening myself from emotions that I as a human am supposed to feel, no matter how trivial the matter, but to me this is way better than being a swinging pendulum of emotions without any air resistance.

Life isn’t that bad. It may seem that way but sometimes we let past similar experiences amplify our current situation, making it seem worse than it is. So by writing it down, you are confronting your problems, understanding your circumstances and taking a step to resolving your emoness! See, 3 birds with one stone! (IT’S A NINJA STONE! You know, ninjas duplication and stuff?) The next step I took of course is to right out solutions to my problems, it doesn’t have to be all of them, because as you have read in musings about drama, you’d realize that many at times your problems aren’t yours meaning you can’t solve them (since solving other people’s problems tends to blow up in your face); so just write down whatever solutions we can to solve problems or at least improve your situation (recommended to be used in conjunction with sustainable happiness and if you know hypocrites, take their advice). It’s such a nerdy way of doing things, but hey, at least if someone asks you ‘WTF are you upset about?’ you can always pull out a list and ask them ‘You want it alphabetically or numerically?’

So, are you feeling unexplainably lost, confused, hurt, down, demotivated and like the black body of negative emotions? Grab a pen and paper (rough paper, but if you want you can do it on your com, your tablet or whatever you’ve got at hand that lets you get words out into visual format), think and list out what is bugging you, then write down solutions on how you can solve them or make things better. Done that?

Congratulations, you’ve just gotten one step closer to getting your life back on track in the hassle-free, dramaless manner. No aren’t you glad you’re not going to be the next energy vampire?

(P.S.: A tip, treat yourself to something nice every week, be it sitting at home doing absolutely nothing, going on a shopping spree, picking up cute guys/girls, wakeboarding or whatever makes you happy. It helps making the overall week seem more positive and enjoyable. You know how we only remember the last few dreams we have before waking up? Same concept, we’re ridiculously impressionable, so if you do something nice to spoil yourself weekly AND sustainably, it’ll make all those bad things seem less bad because you’re too impressioned by the awesome treat you’ve got! Yea, you’re lying to yourself, but face it, this society is built on half-truths and whole lies, at least you’re doing it for a good cause.)

Musings on rationalization

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