Musings on Cartoons

Please read the foreword to this before continuing reading. If you have already read the foreword then why are you still reading this? Look down dammit.  

I have a problem, and they are cartoons. Modern cartoons specifically, like Ying Yang Yo, Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce G (WTF!?) and whatever new crap that the cartoon industry has generated over the past few years. If you know me personally, you’ll probably be shocked because I’m a HUGE Disney fan, aspiring even to work there one day and my obsession with Anime is remarkable. But we have to admit, all the new cartoons that are being churned out are without a doubt, making most of the kids of today’s generation (by that I mean anyone 12 and under) retarded.

Myself, and the generation I am in, was fortunate enough to have grown up on old-school cartoons, like Top Cat, Flintstones, Looney Toons, Popey and heck, Mickey Mouse etc. I credit all these wonderful animated figures for our ability to understand slap-stick humor and sarcasm, which I notice, most kids today don’t understand.

Back when I was a kid, I’ve heard adults say that TV, well cartoons, kill your brain cells. I didn’t agree with them back then, but the new cartoons are making it difficult not to side with that argument. Come on, there HAS to be SOME reason why the newer generations are becoming, well, retarded, for the lack of a better word.

I know that on most part, if you read this book, you’re most likely my age and as such avoid little kids like plague, unless you have little brothers of sisters, which by then you probably understand what I mean then. I’ve had the unfortunate honors of meeting 2 kids on separate occasions, coincidentally, both watching retarded cartoons who: lack complete manners, laugh about the most inappropriate things and live in their own crazy little world. You can blame age but I have also met 3 other kids of the same age who are polite (for the age), have a sense of humor and can actually hold a proper conversation with you. Coincidentally, the two…mentally challenged (god bless the fact that they have perfectly functioning bodies and brains) kids were watching mentally degrading cartoons while I was over whereas the other 3 much nicer kids had older siblings who introduced to them, the finer cartoons in life.

Seeing as we believe in teaching fetuses and also stuff like ‘playhouse disney’, why should we deny the potential capabilities of retarded cartoons severely degrading the intellectual capabilities of our next generation!? I don’t mean that cartoons need to be educational but they at least should have some note-worthy content or quality, kids aren’t retarded so please stop treating them like one or they really will become one.
I mean, we REALLY don’t want to, in the not so distant future, have to stand on the podium in a UN summit, declaring an upcoming global calamity or having generations of mentally impaired people because of mentally degrading CARTOONS now do we?

Musings on Cartoons

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