What do you look for in a phone?

I don’t own an i-anything except i-hateyouapple (the feeling is mutual I’m sure). So for me, android phones are way to go and right now Samsung is leading the pack.

Now I am loyal to HTC so obviously I’m going to be biased, but I personally don’t find Samsung Galaxy anything what I would want in a phone.

I am going to admit that Samsung phones are definitely winning in the specs department, design wise they have an edge as well, given all the colors they are dishing out. However I do wonder if people really know what they are buying when they get a phone that’s supposedly technically superior.

We all know what’s good on a Samsung phone so lets talk about what’s not.

My first complaint is the Samsung customized android OS, I understand that when it comes to OS it’s just a matter of habit but the Samsung version of the android really doesn’t sit well with me. It’s simply too disorganized for my taste compared to what HTC lets you do. You can say that they give their customers freedom but…too much freedom isn’t a good thing.

The second and probably most annoying thing about it is its weight. Or rather, its chassis in conjunction to its weight. Everyone wants something light and thin today, everyone except maybe me. Sometimes gadgets need a tad bit of weight to feel sturdy and Samsung phones fail spectacularly in that department. The Samsung Galaxy phones, with its plastic chassis, wafer thin thickness and measly weight makes me feel like I’m holding a toy. This is totally personal of course, but pass me something that feels like a plastic toy and next thing you know I’d be flinging it out the window by accident. It can survive falls though, kudos to Samsung, but I doubt it’ll survive any bending…of course phones aren’t meant to be bent. But Galaxy phones feel so flimsy that it gives you the urge to want to bend it…like an expired credit card.

I guess what I’m getting at is that you should pick a phone that is really what you look for instead of just following the newest hype. Regardless of how powerful the newest toy on the market is, unless you’re some hardcore techie, it’s unlikely that you’ll even put the machine through its paces.

If your phone is mainly for photography purposes, a Nokia pureview is the way to go, don’t think it’s ‘lamer’ just cause it’s Nokia. Unless you download and USE apps like a soldier, I am sure the Ovi store can support your basic needs. Blackberry users are surviving fine without the Apple Store, you will be fine too.

Of course, if you’re buying a phone just to show off to your friends then I rest my case, let society dictate your tech needs and fork out extra money for stuff you really don’t need and won’t use on your phone.

What do you look for in a phone?

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