Lies lies lies

I’m not big on lies but I understand that sometimes honesty is overrated. Everyone has lied at one point or another.

So I’m not here to say lying is bad. I’m here to say that if you wanna lie, do it right! Really, I get pissed off when people lie to me because it is so obvious that they are lying. I mean, really, put a little effort into it!!

Thing while point of lying is so that the other party won’t find out the truth, so if people can tell you are lying isn’t it completely pointless!?? Especially for white lies.

I have however come to realize that many people lie causally and habitually and don’t remember to keep track of their lies. Always remember your lies. That’s like the first rule of lying!! Here is an example, I asked my mom to call my dentist for me, she said that his assistant sick. The next time I ask her if she called.again, she tells me she can’t find their number.

I feel insulted that someone actually thinks I wont remember their previous lie. If a person keeps slipping up on their lies, it gets to a point whereby you assume what someone says is always a lie and are just treating you like an idiot who will believe all the shit they say.

I think many people won’t even be half as mad if they were lied to spectacluarly and found out afterwards in an agreeable manner. They will be too busy being impressed to be pissed.

So please. If you are going to lie, do it well, don’t insult the intelligence of yourself and others by doing otherwise.

Lies lies lies

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