I need a laptop, sleep and divine intervention

I haven’t been blogging aka bitching for the sheer fact that I DON’T HAVE THE DAMN TIME TO.

And my insomnia is back despite my desperate need to sleep.

First and foremost, I NEED A LAPTOP. Seriously dragging a 17 inch 4kg desktop REPLACEMENT really kills your productivity, well, my productivity. Why do I justify my need? First of all, I need to run around giving presentations and a desktop replacement really isn’t mobile friendly. Second, I need NEED to work on the go, being tied down to my room and computer is really not helping me. I need to type on the mrt, in a cafe or just anywhere!!! Basically, I need a laptop.

But yea I’m actually here to complain about my country. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE singapore, but as someone starting a youth initiative that is spreading cultural understanding, forging cross-cultural bonds, THE SYSTEMS HERE ANNOY ME LIKE MAD.

I mean, I’ve got the bloody UN interested to support me, EU Parliament sending their people down to the extent that we need to SHORTLIST them and the important people in my country want me to house these international guests at COMMUNITY CENTRES?!

Important people and capable people all over the world wants to help me in my project but NO ONE IN MY OWN COUNTRY wants to help. I don’t see how I can make things happen if THERE IS NO ONE HERE TO DO THEM. Seriously, I am going NUTS. And just looking at the National Youth Council’s resources makes me wanna kill someone.

“National Youth Council is the Advocate, Connector and Enabler for Youth. Together with our partners, NYC develops a vibrant and supportive environment for youth who are inspired to dream and committed to action.”

I’m pretty sure my project and my people qualify under those lovely definitions, but what resources do they provide? Grants and funds for leadership training, RESEARCH grants…and anything that

  • Supports youth initiated projects that benefit the Singapore community and society
  • Empowers youth as decision makers to evaluate projects and mentor project applicants

With funding capped at $8000. What do you want me to do with $8000? And you give research people $25000. No I do NOT understand your logic. And really in my opinion I am SO benefiting Singapore society and community, I am helping them increase cultural awareness and appreciation, helping  them build international connections and bringing IMPORTANT people to them. Hell I’m dredging internationally reputable organizations into this and the youth council talks about international bonds like camps to malaysia and ASEAN youth leadership training (no offence to both events, I’m just trying to express how  very narrow the organization is thinking, always looking inward or just an arm’s length away).

We call ourselves an international HUB. I don’t see how international we are acting like ostriches and turtles, not looking beyond our holes and shells. Really I need to FLY IN facilitators because our local unis CAN’T BE BOTHERED to participate in this project. They don’t see the magnitude and worth of it..and it’s just sad. And for me, VERY VERY ANNOYING AND FRUSTRATING.


So basically, I need a divine intervention….or cloning myself..the former seems more feasible.

But I’m so happy that at least my problems are happy problems. ^-^V

I need a laptop, sleep and divine intervention

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