Not worth it

I’m going to be realistic and accept the fact that I have yet to reach complete alienation of emotions when dealing with problems.

Some problems, people problems especially, are not worth getting emotional over. Everyone will have their side of the story, everyone is a victim. The more you throw emotions into the mix, the more emotions will get thrown back at you until it becomes a fucked up mess.

It may sound selfish but making sure you yourself are happy is of utmost importance and priority. So unless you yourself know and accept that you did something wrong and is capable of sucking it up without generating any negative emotions, it’s best to stand your ground if you feel wronged. If other people have their circumstances, you have yours too and to yourself OBVIOUSLY your OWN circumstances are more important.

Ultimately it’s not worth arguing and debating and expressing your feelings of hurt and sadness about the problem because you’ll just get those same feelings hurtled back at you like it’s actually your fault. And this is completely normal human reaction. Unless you are godly enough to handle it OR you feel like spoiling people around you into thinking this reaction is correct, just DON’T START talking about your feelings. Ignore people if you have to.

You don’t need extra problems, emotions, drama or negativity in your life and these people are definitely NOT worth it.

Focus on happier things, because they are worth it.

Not worth it

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