Windows better than Mac?

The Mac VS Windows war has been going on for eons….well maybe not eons but since the start of computers…and recently Mac is winning. And that is fine with me.

Is Mac truly superior though?

Before I get into that, I must say that what really bothers me about this little pseudo war isn’t the products the consumers, or more specifically, Mac consumers. I would probably never become a Mac convert, and it’s definitely not because I think Mac is a bad computer, aside from the fact hat Apple product just REALLY REALLY doesn’t like me (and vice versa), Mac consumers are enough to put me off converting .

The truth is, a Windows user will (very very grudgingly) admit that a Mac is better than Windows in so and so ways. But you’ll die before you find a single Mac user who will admit that there are areas where a PC is better than Mac. They will ALWAYS, without a doubt go “Yes, that’s true BUT! Mac is so and so better, so it’s STILL better.”

You know what this reminds me of? Hardcore christians. It’s like they can’t have this NEED to convert all non-believers of die trying. They can’t leave people alone!! They MUST spread the greatness of their religion to others…even if they are satisfied and happy. You’ll never see a PC user do this.

So is Mac REALLY better than Windows? Depends.

As much as I hate Mac, I admit that it’s a well-built machine. It’s slick, chic, well designed, stable and secure. And many design heavy software are native to Macs.

Ironically, as a media person myself, I wouldn’t convert to Mac for the following reason:

It will never be EXACTLY what I want.

It was said somewhere on one of those Windows better than Mac argument that Mac are for computer idiots who just want to a machine that they can use out of the box for their needs. For nerds like me who want every specification to be exactly what I want, a Mac is a no no.

I find it really annoying that I have Mac users coming to me telling me :The new Macbook pro is capable of gaming. You know why companies like Alienware and Falcon Northwest are alive? Because gamers patronize them. Chances are said Mac user won’t even understand why a computer running Battlefieled 3 on highest graphics setting is hanging on a Nvidia Quadro instead of a Nvidia Geforce graphics card, I mean, no offense, but I don’t think such people have the RIGHT to brag about Mac hardware….

Macs are sturdy machines, well built with great battery life, resolution is AMAZING and it IS one of the most powerful non-custom built machine. It IS superior in every way that Mac users have bragged that it IS superior to Windows, but there are some things that Mac people just HAVE to admit that Mac’s can’t do. I can’t walk into an Apple store and demand my Macbook Pro to be configured with i7 extreme or hell even intel Xeon, with Nvidia Kepler graphics card, matte screen and multiple hard drives. Of course you can argue that your average person will never NEED a computer of that power and I’ll tell you, EXACTLY, a Mac CAN’T cater to a non-average person but Windows can.

In a way Windows respect the user, the don’t spoon feed you the way Mac does. I mean I think this is a frustration many video editors feel, we spend days and hours painfully editing a stunning video from scratch with our aftereffects and editors, and a person uses imovie and does something stunning with little effort, not knowing what they just did. Mac is GOOD but as with all Apple product it doesn’t respect your INDIVIDUALITY as a user. You HAVE to conform, your music files WILL be converted by itunes, you HAVE to stick to that stupid color and design, you don’t HAVE a choice in what MP your webcam is like.

Another way that Windows is better than Mac is it is FIXABLE. A mac is VERY reliable, hell more than Windows, I admit, it is a FACT. But when your windows fucks up, if you send it for repair, it will come back usable. If your Mac dies, you might as well just buy a new one because no Apple Care will nurse your com back to health….I know this from experience, too many people I know who have screwed up Macbooks just die….eternally. They don’t die easily, but when they do…oh boy. Oh and you can’t just replace parts. You can’t just say, Oh this Ram is screwed, lets replace it! Good luck if the guy at Apple Care centre even knows HOW a Ram looks.

As for the OS…Mac really doesn’t get viruses, it’s hard to dispute, but whoever says its more intuitive I’d slap them. BOTH OS will have a learning curve and anyone switching to either side WILL find it inconvenient and uncomfortable, though don’t you realize you’d find more Mac users who can navigate Windows without dying but Windows users going WTF1!!?? every 10 seconds they use a Mac?

Of course I’m biased, but I’m not biased enough to say that Windows is DEFINITELY better than Mac. Both OS and computers have its pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses and learning curves. Neither is overall more superior than the other, whoever is winning the war is winning due to marketing. So Mac users, next time you feel the urge to preach about your Apple devotion, find someone who will agree with you and LEAVE US PC USERS ALONE!

Thank you.

Windows better than Mac?

One thought on “Windows better than Mac?

  1. Adam says:

    I agree with you completely! I have bought a news Macbook pro and than sold it and bought a new dell XPS out of desperation. Too many things you can’t do on Mac. Great machine, but just if you accept their limitation.

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