illegal to be sad

I don’t know why I keep getting this feeling that’s it’s illegal for me to be sad or upset………

It’s so frustrating and it’s the same recurring problems that I feel like I’m stuck in some fucked up vicious cycle that no matter how much I claw and scream and yell I’ll never break out of it.

It keeps going to the point that I don’t even feel like bitching anymore. It’s no use. It’ll never change, those at fault will always be the fucking twisted victim and i’ll always have to be UNDERSTANDING and SYMPATHETIC. I’m just so tired..forget asking for sympathy, I just want OUT.

It’s really hard, being busy as hell and stressed as hell and have no one to support you WHILST having to support others. I think I’m breaking down but I’m so fucking used to it that I don’t really feel it anymore. *sigh*

illegal to be sad

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