Must resist urge to kill..

I love my mom.

And if you see my start my blog post as such means I’m drawing on all my godly patience to not get pissed off at her.

She doesn’t come home WITHOUT informing me. And today I ask her if she’s coming home, she doesn’t explain but instead asks ‘where are you?’

WHAT THE FUCK!! (yes I know I’m overreacting)

I’m not the irresponsible stupid head who doesn’t call when they don’t call home, SHE IS. I’m the one staying at home obediently, NOT GOING OUT, NOT STAYING OUT. And instead of putting my mind at ease, she assumes I’m out partying or staying out. Really? -.-lll That’s what I should be asking her, not me.

She has no fucking RIGHT to ask where the hell I am when she doesn’t inform where she is herself and doesn’t even have the fucking courtesy to tell me she won’t be coming back home! URGH.

Seriously, and she calls herself a fucking PARENT.

Must resist urge to kill..

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