6 Title tracks is doable

Many people are skeptical about Big Bang’s 6 title track promotion, but I personally think it’s doable, theoretically at least.

Thing is a typical title track has TOO much time. A general life cycle is as follows:

  • Drop the notice a month or more ahead
  • 3-4 weeks of teasing
  • The song drops
  • About 1-2 months of promoting the track
  • Follow up track for another 2-3 weeks
  • Goodbye stage

The whole process starting from teasers is around  3 months. However you’d notice that the hype starts to go down around 2 weeks, 3-4 weeks if there are other very popular artists before you, it takes time for their hype die down and for fans to catch onto the new hype.

By refreshing the songs during this life cycle and extending  the time slightly to accommodate for enough promotion time for each song, it is possible to promote 6 title tracks at the same time. Key word being at the same time. If it was for 6 individual songs, the process would have become half a year long and no one would have the energy to follow through the promotions, however because with YG’s connections, Big Bang can promote 2-3 songs at a go, the life cycle will mathematically only increase by 1.5-2 times the length; and because there will be no ‘follow up’ track to follow through the hype dying down,  Big Bang will finish their promotions with a bang.

Because it is proven that fans can hype about 2 songs at the same time (proven through 2NE1), as long as Big Bang switches up the songs every 2 weeks of promotions, theoretically the fans will be still hyping about Big Bang instead of another artists after their initial passion for a song is over. This is of course given  that fans are given something to look forward to in the live performance over the studio versions and that YG churns out surprises of songs (remixes, acoustic versions) and to not only rely on the music shows on TV to promote the songs. By doing so each set of songs will be able to gross profit from different areas.

The first set of titles will get most popularity through the TV, perhaps follow up through youtube etc. and so on, so that each facet of media is thoroughly milked. Plus don’t forget that no matter how fast Kpop spreads and the internet is, there is still lag time between international fans and korean fans (especially new fans and potential fans), so the life cycle refreshes itself overseas again. And accounting the tour Big Bang will do the hype will carry on for quite a while.

As such, I think 6 title tracks is entirely doable as long as execution is done well. The thing is, its definition of success probably wouldn’t be the one typical fans and industry insiders are accustomed to because it’s won’t just be a chart dominance or repeated mutizen awards, it’ll be a lot of money rolling in for YG and many happy fans. And at the end of the day, that’s what counts. Big Bang doesn’t exactly need more popularity anyways (overseas? maybe, but YG probably has some of the most dedicated international fans; and don’t forget the time lag thing), it’s famous/notorious, so for YG it’s really a chance to cash in and use that money to invest in upcoming groups.


6 Title tracks is doable

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