A small dose of positron

It’s not about leaving, it’s about reuniting.

People say I’m cold-hearted, I didn’t cry when friends left school, I didn’t cry when we parted ways for summits, I didn’t cry when people passed away…I cry a lot, just not when it comes to parting. And it’s not cause I’m an emotionless bastard.

We meet, we part ways but you know what? We meet again. I know I was supposed to feel sad, cry, or something, when my best friend left for Korea for good but to me it just feels like saying good bye to her afterschool on any other day. Instead of thinking of how she won’t be around, how lonely it’d be, how empty life would be, I thought about how I’ll see her again in a couple months when I visit Korea. AND IT WAS AWESOME!!! We didn’t feel like we’ve been apart, it feels like we met each other after a weekend apart…

When you’re that close to someone, being apart isn’t necessarily a bad thing. What’s the point of being together 24/7 all the time, you’d have nothing to talk about! Sure I’ll miss all these people but there is so much to life, and if I don’t experience it properly, what would I have to say to all these friends when we reunite? I mean think about it, isn’t it cool to be apart, grow into yourself and then meet again and see all these surprising changes amongst yourself? And share all your cool experiences..its like there are multiples of you around the world living different lives…hence the quote living your life to the fullest.

Alone we can’t accomplish much, but together we can create miracles. But we don’t be able to do much if we’re all always stuck together in one stupid cluster working on the same thing no?

And it doesn’t matter how much someone changes, when relationships reach a certain level, nothing matters, friends will be friends, lovers will be lovers, bonds can’t be broken just because you started liking grey instead of purple, turning from a vegan to a carnivore, growing your hair out or heck even becoming an asshole (though you might get some flak for the last one). Bonds are fucking indestructible, even when you try to break them, the essence of them will forever linger, waiting to be revived.

It doesn’t matter where in the world we are, we’re always just a plane ride away from each other.

And that’s the chocomon philosophy of the day. Thank you for listening. ^0^V

A small dose of positron

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