It’s not a good thing when people close to you are all negative emotion blackbodies.

I feel the urge to slap them and say “FUCK, you think you’re tired? You’re stressed? You’re life sucks! Think about how I feel when I’m surrounded by tons of you!”

Don’t cry in front of me because I’m the one who needs to cry, not you. Don’t bitch to me because I’m the one who needs to bitch.

I keep taking in people’s negative emotions and I’m expected to stay a happy energizer bunny, well I can’t. And when I’m not I get twice the amount of shit. NO NO NO NO NO, your lives are good. I get it you are tired, we all are. I get it life is shit, it always will be. LEARN TO DEAL WITH YOUR OWN PROBLEMS AND ISSUES GOD DAMMIT! STOP DUMPING ALL OF IT ON ME and if you really need to then AT LEAST RECIPROCATE THE FAVOR!

UGH! I’m not god, and I pity god.

Just leave me in peace please.

Stop making problems out of thin air, there are no problems YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. ugh……



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